What? And what I said I would if only in my head... I did do!

First CenturyLink is a strange company from all my years dealing with companies in my opinion.
For Internet access and landline with limitless local and long distance they charge $81.90 a month bill for those two items including taxes, but...if you know about their discounts every six months your bill can be as little as thirty dollars cheaper each month, and we had been paying up until last month $53.70; I pity the poor fool who doesn't know how this game is played!
Today we received our bill from CenturyLink and the new number was ...drum roll please...$64.11!
When I called to find out why this was I was told our discount of ten dollars had been up on December 23rd and that it had been on my last bill!
And here is where this is like an odd game all you have to do is ask for the discount by going online, I think, or calling as I do.
Now get this I asked why it was .41 cents more than last time, and there was no answer and so now instead of paying the new number of $54.11 we are once again paying what we had been paying $53.70!
Here's where it gets complicated since it is only a six month discount and we have two more coming up needing our attention this June 23rd of this New Year of  2017, and one again on that date in 2018, but since I called today I have until July fifth to claim them in each year, but I must notify them or I will have to pay the $81.90 or even more by then possibly!
Does this seem fair to you?
Or even logical?
Wouldn't a decent caring about their customers company give us all the discounts without going through all this twice a year?
What about older than me folks who do not realize what is happening or even young people who do not look, many just pay their bills without checking them!
I feel this is an unfair business practice for such a large company!
They are somewhat of a monopoly too, since we have no other phone companies for landlines and Internet access bundles here in our area.
I just think that this is wrong anyone have reason to think otherwise?
Sure we could get rid of the landline and look for other access for the computer, but then they will continue to do this to others, I personally think they should stop this unfair practice!
I should contact their corporate office, it would not be the first time I did that...
I just sent them an email you can too:http://www.centurylink.com/Pages/Support/ContactUs/emailCR2.jsp

Moving on...

I was not done and it posted this again!

Any-who, after three loads of wash, not to mention two beautiful dresses hand washed in Woolite and a bag of non-essential papers shredded and sadly our guestroom bed now with clothes that no longer fit lying on it in piles still needing sorting and decisions to be made... Geez though my closet looks pretty damn good!

On this note or accomplishment, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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