Space, the final frontier!

Oh to find space for all our possessions'!
Is it better to conceal or toss or send to thrift or onward as a generous gift? (Get receipts for tax purposes!)
How many of you out there made New Year's resolutions?
Not many I suppose, hmm?
Most of us have learned from those mistakes of too high expectations of ourselves, or not.
What I have done these last several years is made them in my head and as unspoken concepts so as no one can be disappointed, since I am the only one who knows... well I guess I could be disappointing myself, nah.
Many do take on the so-called "New Year's resolutions" to please others anyway like quitting drinking or smoking or such, but you should!
Or to look better, weight-wise, eat healthier, not any junk food, or to watch where your money goes better, not to buy silly unneeded things. But in fact those are not lofty desires at all, but quite good ones and good for you too, do all of them!
But STUFF happens and why throw caution to the wind in reality, instead keep those high falutin ideas to yourself that way there is no harm nor any foul, i.e. if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, get it? Only you will know.
Do not displease yourself either, be kind and rewind without the negativity, just know that you tried your best, and let it stay between you and yourself.

I for one will be trying harder to continue my weight loss plan; another pound down since yesterday, I believe the secret to be is getting down that protein stuff. When I do manage it, I have lost a pound or two in as many days, I think I have found that to be the magic pill in it all.
And another choice of mine, keep this one to yourselves too, is to clean out, purging my clothes closet.
I am at my best energy level the first thing in the morning.
So each day I have considered to begin especially when I put my clean clothes away, but between doing the laundry that we share and making many of the meals shared with Hubby, he and I share the work there too, and religiously doing my exercises (mine alone!) and even dusting the house(another only me, Hubby washes and vacuums the floors) and sparkling all those mirrors etc., mine alone again, I lose my resolve.
But I will regain it, I promised myself and I really don't want to disappoint me, and now you all know too...uh oh!

(* Disclaimer: In closing resolutions are purely personal as we all know and any decisions to make them or not are left to you, the reader, at will and my comments were meant for entertainment value only and I hope that is what I did accomplish here. No response is necessary, unless in a positive light, ha! Free will is ours!)

On these thoughts of a cluttered mind, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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