What a BIG MESS!

Last night the trouble started with the kitchen sink backing up!
After trying the usual baking soda and white vinegar and hot water and nothing happening I sat back and watched my handyman forever, Hubby, also fail after plunging and snaking it with a snake auger and then giving into a harsh chemical of Rotor Rooter clog remover due to the water insisting on not going back from whence it came! That only aided and abetted a harsh sludge to emerge from the depths of wherever and besmirch our beautiful white Corian deep and shallow sinks, disgusting and yucky too!
So today when the sludge had gone down a bit I felt that Dawn, not the gal but the dish soap, could help, and why not?
It was a greasy black tar like substance having its way with our usually dazzling sparkling sinks, true?
It had worked on the boys grease stained pants when they rode a carousel way back when as little guys in Atlantic City NJ and again when they worked on their cars when teens in Ormond Beach Florida and they tracked grease from the garage on my then beige carpet so why not. I had written a letter to the company way back in 1979 while in NJ about how it worked so well on the boys light grey pants, and they sent me a coupon and the next thing I see on the news that they are using it safely on wildlife after the Exxon Valdez oil spill incident!
So why not?
It did clean a good portion of the sink, but I could not turn the water back on or it most likely would not go down...so I used dry paper towels and felt guilty on wasting so much paper, but my sponges would be destroyed as well as any towels so I did what I could do...
Hubby woke up and we discussed our next moves.
Choices: he snakes the pipe from up on our roof or we call for help!
We chose help this time.
The last time we had strangers intervene was after the hurricane in 2004, so it was time.
Rotor Rooter oddly enough was who we called in again, with customers like us every twelve years who needs any competition, huh?
Any-who, they were charging a bit for the job, but they have a camera and power auger and if we don't need them again for another twelve years it is worth every penny!
Besides they give you a ninety day warranty, sounded good to me, for just under four hundred bucks worth of fixing, but divided by twelve years a great deal, at about thirty-two dollars and fifty cents a year!
Oh I for got to mention that the kitchen floor flooded too! But not from the sink backing up, actually I suppose it was since the sink backed up into the dishwasher!
It was filled with that awful smelly Rotor Rooter clog remover, YUCK!

Once it was all fixed I was able to get the sink back to its beautiful self, with a good scouring with Comet and Hubby tried the washer too since that was our first symptom when it was backing up into the kitchen sink... anyway, no longer doing that! The dishwasher that stunk and I felt was a toxic waste, I tried to disinfect it with a splash of bleach and some good old fashioned dish washer soap, but apparently a wee bit too much!
Foam exuded now all over our kitchen floor, but boy is it clean! And the dishwasher is better now too!
Thankfully our home is all tile, since after the hurricane had its way with our brand new wood floors we switched to ceramic tile in most all of the house, leaving white carpet in the bedrooms that since have been replaced with more tile and marble, yep you heard right, marble in the guest room! They no longer carried the same ceramic tile of the rest of the house, but that was years ago.
One bedroom was due to Skipper, our Bichon Frise, still a puppy then, what was I thinking and the other when the air-conditioner was spewing wet messes from the closet in our guest-room and staining that carpet and the air-conditioner being repaired in those days, before being replaced this past September.

Hubby went out to pick up lunch, and it was so nice to be able to have dinner being prepared as always in OUR kitchen!
The menu tonight was pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes and asparagus as good as it sounds it tasted too!
Lean and healthy too!

On that note of mmm, mmm good, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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