Oops I did it again!

Too much!
Standing too long, but standing when necessary yesterday while rummaging in my closet with the desire to straighten and clean the entire area, which I did accomplish!
Actually, Hubby helped a lot.
But still I was foolish and am paying for it with having to up my Gabapentin that I had weaned myself down to just 300MG. I had asked Hubby to bring me one only while back in bed with ice packs that he also brought to me, five this time for each pained location!
Unfortunately, I will be adding on to that Gabapentin ingestion with a couple more I'm afraid.
I just took two more, 900 MG. so far for today and the one at bedtime is still in waiting for me, up to 1200 MG. for the whole day by then. And this stuff needs weaning off to lower the dosage, a week at a time, otherwise it can reverse what it is for and actually cause seizures! It is for spasms in many ills including MS, pain and seizures; the epileptic kind! Neurontin is its non-generic name. I had been on as much as 1800 MG. for quite a long time, but weaned myself down, and then had 1200 MG. for quite sometime and again weaned myself down...here I go again! Damn!
I guess I still have two speeds: slow and full speed ahead! That causes this trouble.
Even while in pain today I did do more laundry, three whole loads, and folded and put things away, although that bed in the guestroom has remained untouched and even added to, I am so ashamed!
My resolve did dwindle as the pain took hold, but I did come around a bit to help Hubby with dinner.
One last load is currently still in the dryer to fold, although mostly towels and they don't wrinkle if left till tomorrow. I just changed all our towels today, we do that twice a week, Friday and Tuesday, sheets every Wednesday.
I will have to leave towels, since I am back in bed.
Sometimes Hubby does take care of them too.
He went to the grocery alone today though.
Apparently, someone hit and ran into our van's front while parked there at Publix, while Hubby was inside shopping and Hubby said that there is a nasty ding in its front and it was even moved by the impact! With our deductible we will check tomorrow about getting it fixed.
So far this year has not been going that well for us, first the clogged drain attack of sludge and then my having to go back on Gabapentin, and now this hit and run, hope yours is better than all this!
The good part is that was three and stuff happens in threes right, so maybe we are all done?


Good night.

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