Love Hate Relationship; hate might be a bit strong, but not happy!

He helps people he hurts people Senator Cory Booker, I used to truly respect this man, now I am concerned about my own ability to make proper choices about people. Please read this extensive reasoning of why I feel this way in the article below. His goodness to most everyone will always outweigh his bad least I truly hope so, please Senator Booker re-examine the BIG Pharma medication hikes!
They are needed meds with life and death implications for all of their users!

The problem is I have my own fight with my own version of the Epipen controversy. You see, that mine is Anoro Ellipta, my asthma inhaler is now a tier 3 medication that went from $47  for a two month supply to now $455 for the same quantity and time period, but mine is dosed daily not for emergencies only. (I also have an allergic reaction to bee stings that could have by now have turned into needing an Epipen, but I no longer garden or go outside too much these days. If I even hear any buzzing I leave quickly!) I had misspoken previously about it being a deductible meeting issue for the Anoro Ellipta with my prescription drug plan, and no there is no generic alternative for this drug yet!
I checked even with Glaxco Smith Klein, the Big Pharma company that makes it with their customer assistance plan, according to their criteria we make two hundred dollars a month too much to qualify! But with increases in taxes and homeowners insurance payments and no COLA, cost of living, increases  to speak of with social security that's a lot, although Hubby gets his big 3% yearly with his state employee pension thank goodness, but that still doesn't keep up with what actually is happening. People think with Medicare it is free no, they take quite a bit out to pay for medical insurance from both of us and then more with paying out the supplemental and the rx addition to part D paid out of pocket monthly too!
So on Monday I am hoping that I will hear back from my pulmonologist that I had called Friday with my dilemma leaving a message with his service, and perhaps he might have some ideas, by then I will have about 20 days' worth left of my medication inhaler.
I still have my emergency one, perhaps that will be enough?

Moving on...

Today we stayed home.
But got things, mundane things done around here, and in between Hubby watched his Netflix binge on the living room TV and I watched mine while relaxing in bed with my laptop on my pimped out hospital table now marbled contact papered with a white spray painted stand, oh my latest is the reboot of the X-files from its beginnings. I had watched the newest episodes on its Fox station just when they had it last year I believe, but it has been interesting watching it all from the beginning again. We were fans from its original beginnings way back when and so were our sons. I am currently about halfway through the fourth season of the nine seasons. Oh Hubby's choices have been many Zombie ones and currently now Revolution that was on network TV, but was re adapted for Netflix with an additional season or two, not sure, since it was not my pick. We do share our choices though, Hubby did watch all of American Horror Story as well as Haven; both are still thumbs up from us!

On that note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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