How things can change on a dime, two steps forward and sadly too many in front of this this Friday!
Do you think that Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave... I wonder if such a fine man that might have been able to head us in a better direction than the charlatan that will be taking over from another man of kindness and decency who will be sorely missed what he would have had to say about all this... Oh what fate bestows upon us now... where have all the great ones gone... and why must we Americans be punished! 
My original was written 1-17-11 of the below blog:
Please enjoy and think about how we got here, not where any of us had hoped to be, why?
In a world where our surnames are determined by our heritage or in the case of us old fashioned women by our spouse’s family names; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man whose family had no idea that he would grow into his with such a worldwide dynamic of what the name stood for and that he would become a ‘King’ among men in the sense of his leadership, and bring to our family of men and women a legacy that any of us folks could be proud of from whence we came.
And so today we honor that man of our history who brought about a unification of all races to know that we as a unit of beings will be better at working and accepting one another and freedom should ring true for all.
A blessed person loved by all except for the one lunatic who cut him down way too soon in his prime of life.
Thankfully our children and grandchildren have been taught to continue Martin Luther King Jr.’s bequest of liberty for everyone no matter what the color of their skin.
I do believe that we have made quite a bit of progress on this forefront but have a ways to go, you see, we still hate too much here in this country and until that stops completely his words will not be fulfilled!
And so I beg of all Americans and all people of the world to listen closely to what this man’s words were, you can copy and paste this site: for he knew what we all should do and felt we had the capacity to accomplish it all…and now more than ever we need to try harder!
Thank you Mr. King we all have much to thank you for!
His actual birthday was Sunday the fifteenth when he would have been eighty-eight years old.

I sure wish that things were different now, for a short time, eight years things were looking up for our country with love for all people, but now my hope for that is diminishing so very sadly...
Give your thoughts on this day of remembrance started in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan another Republican who now to me seems that he was much better than I thought, he brought about unity to so many here and in the rest of the world. If we had to have another Republican  why not one more like a Lincoln or Reagan why oh why a DJ Lord?
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