O Canada!

My pulmonologist's nurse Sierra was very helpful with calling me back nearly by five Monday evening with five more asthma medications that I called my insurance pharmacy the next day as well as my local pharmacies too.
One pharmacist was so annoying for when I mentioned that my Anoro Ellipta was my Epipen he told me that CVS has some name of a medication for $110 and I asked "my asthma medication?", he said no, your Epipen....and he handles drugs, yup!
Anyway, when I finally found out that there were no generic brands carried by any of the pharmacies comparable to the Anoro Ellipta and I was entitled to a 40% discount with my insurance and that was on the bottom line on my Anoro Ellipta at $409 every two months, I asked about the others that all came in at $900-1100 for a two months supply, but minus of course that 40% discount,  all now tier 3 with Medicare, Geez, not a bargain to me, no way Jose!
It turns out when I called Sierra, the nurse, back she had one more possibility up her sleeve, globalpharmacyplus.com  also can be reached by calling, which I did at 1-855-475-7782 Fax 1-855-275-7787.
They did not have my Anoro Ellipta but they had a generic of one of the medications on the list that Sierra had given to me on Monday, called Spiriva.
A 90 day supply for me is $68-$10= $58 +$12 shipping=$70 for a 90 day supply, yay!
They give you an order number and you in turn give that to your doctor's office so they can fax the prescription up there, yep to CANADA! Next best thing to moving there, ha!
I felt a bit un patriotic doing that, being an American and all, but out of desperation and all...

Get this, Hubby said while I was writing tonight that our Ft. Myers TV station, NBC affiliate, was running a story on how many people diagnosed with asthma do not really have it!
I was tested and x-rayed and CAT scanned and had a pulmonary breathing test and all sorts of tests, so why would they say that and make people stop taking their medication?
What Hubby relayed was that they had colds or some such thing that caused miss-diagnoses.
But after a year or more when seeing a pulmonologist wouldn't they be able to tell the difference?
Especially with someone like me who takes so many vitamins?
I sometimes think that journalists, myself included hold too much power, not me, (I only wish that my pen was mightier than my sword, don't even have one of those though, ha!),  not that I am a serious journalist at all or in their class at all, but those TV people that many get  all their info from should be more careful on presentation... but that's just me, I'm just saying...
Always check with a reliable trusted source, a M.D. or whomever yours in that case that person of trust might be.

Anyway, I was surprised that they, Global Pharmacy also carries pet medication, like heartworm etc. ours in fact in a generic for a fifth of the price! Something to consider down the line...

On that note from one proud American who will not be watching the inauguration Friday; another form of boycotting, a peaceful way to show displeasure with the incoming administration, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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