A correction and other thoughtful ponderances of things...

First my minute detail, but to me very relevant since my triglycerides had been over two hundred and most recently around 197, bad when normal is supposed to be below 150!
I had stated that mine had gone down to a respectable 143, but I was mistaken it had actually gone down to 138! No applause please, but boy what a BIG difference all due to that Fenofibrate 160mg. 1X a day. The woman doctor in the hospital noticed that my triglycerides were high and so she put me on it in the hospital and Voila I was pronounced being in the normal range!
I had been eating healthy and before I became less mobile I was a very active person with just that triglyceride issue, since it was discovered over ten years ago!
I take that now with my Simvastatin 40 mg. for years and years when healthy eating and exercise could not get them resolved, and now they both are!
Instead of all those newer combo ones with too many side effects.
Simvastatin is the generic of Zocor, Fenofibrate is Tricor and has side effects like all medicines, but so far not too difficult on me to adjust to.
And truthfully I just now read about them, and they could be responsible for a few of my complaints, tummy and backache ones...hmm.

Any-who, we all have to give and take in life and balance with realizations can make one feel the weight of those decisions.
Health is something no one should mess with and as with anything in life we should all ask a professional when we have no way else to know.
But... research in the way of the internet can be helpful too.
An odd thing happened yesterday at my internist's office when I mentioned about my arm hurting probably from the weights I was using in PT she suggested using Tylenol and I said yes that is a pain reliever, but not an anti-inflammatory medication and she said that it was, an anti-inflammatory.
I told her all those years I worked with the Arthritis Foundation that I had been told that it wasn't and that aspirin is. I agreed reluctantly with her, since she is a M.D. trained at Harvard Medical, so she must know more than me, but... a very BIG BUT, and so I Googled it this morning wondering if I had told people all those years ago the wrong thing and I was feeling guilty and bad about that... but you know what?
I was right, Tylenol is NOT an anti-inflammatory, so sometimes when Hubby teases me asking me for my M.D. degree plaque or what-have-you, sometimes, just sometimes we must trust ourselves our knowledge or instincts or whatever we got to know for ourselves what is right.
My dilemma is because she is about ten years younger than myself should I say anything next visit or let it go... I have six months to decide and is this a bigger deal than it should be?
Or do I have one of those docs who is forgetting her stuff?
We all forget, but with doctors couldn't that be dangerous?
Anyway something to ponder, but not too long... I am leaning towards letting it go.

Now I will let you all go too and allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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