Go here, go there, at times it seemed as if we were everywhere!

Talk about cutting it close, moments of concern, of being somewhere on time!
Some days going anywhere on the Tamiami Trail/route 41, named for its being the original route from Tampa to Miami, can take as short as ten minutes locally to a half an hour for the same distance, "in-season", "snowbird season", that is.
Today, I had my internist six month check up appointment that is approximately five miles from home.
Logically, it should take less than ten minutes with every light in you favor and no accidents and no heavy traffic, and on any summer day it can.
Today we made every other light, and the traffic was moderate and it took nearly twenty minutes!
We arrived in the parking lot on time, but then tried to find a handicapped spot at the doctors' offices and there are only about eight spread throughout! This place is not just several doctors offices, but also has tests from blood work to x-rays are done there, as well as prescriptions filled, a mini hospital!
Hubby thought he saw one right up front by the entrance that we would be using. I hadn't seen it and was concerned, since over the last year or so they had made their driveway in a one way direction, and so I was pointing to another around the corner that was free now, but Hubby was sure that he was correct, and he was right, YAY!

My visit was to find out my cholesterol and triglycerides and A1c and they all went down beautifully!
Cholesterol total 168, triglycerides 143 and my A1c 5.7 a little bit to go, but down from 6.1, so by July, I hope I will be out of that threat of a pre-diabetic, my goal is 5.3 A1c, not too farfetched I did go down .4 in the last six months! Dr. Nord was very happy about my weight loss and hugged me twice!

My blood pressure again was normal without any medication for over two months!
I forgot to ask about my thyroid, who knows...
I also was given scheduled appointments for my mammogram and July yearly appointment as well as my two year appointment for my bone density test, and scheduled blood work for that July appointment the week before.

After Hubby and I also let them know that we both needed our prescriptions called in/faxed to our pharmacies we had no refills left, we ate lunch at Panera's. Hubby had their Italian sub, and I had their Thai chicken wonton soup, only 290 calories and quite filling, half came home with us in the iced cooler we brought, we both had ice water. They were both new choices for us there.

Our last stop was PT, Amy the 3rd year grad student did my whole forty-five minutes with me, Jaye, not Raye, ( I think I had called her Raye the last time I mentioned her.) who is a woman by the way and a has a PhD. in physical therapy allowed Amy this time all by herself and she did great! Both women are very nice and understanding too.
Anyway, I did those mat exercises, but a bit different with pelvic tilts and an enormous ball to roll from side to side placed under my knees, and a smaller one between my knees to tighten and release. I did get to use that all body equipment machine for fifteen minutes this time, Yay!
My right shoulder of my two is the worse, so we did not do any arm exercises today. In fact I was told to rest it.
It seems to have decided to cause severe pain when operating the right sided controller on my motorized wheel chair, Hubby had to steer me out!
Getting out of the car too, pulling on that strap.
Going in its my left side arm is used, so not too bad.

We arrived home after three, and I crawled into bed, and only came out for dinner.

On that note trying hard as I can, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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