The Ghost Whisperer is a far cry from American Horror Story, but I am anything if not eclectic in my tastes for entertainment!
I did begin my newest mindless entertainment in my rerun phase of binge watching just a few days ago, I am well into their second season, in the days when seasons were twenty-two shows long...
Tame in comparison to my previous choice.
Although, I am already feeling the need to cheat on my old found comfort food of this adorable show that tries consistently to make this hard hearted gal, who just got off the American Horror Story train, to bring me to tears, and it almost has with its sweetness in the end to each of its stories!
But alas I have been eyeing another winning show that we missed, Stranger Things, it has those five stars that makes me think in my mind's eye of the realm of a thoughtful prerequisite of quality in programing, and another plus is Winona Ryder stars in it; I always liked that kid since Beetlejuice. Stranger Things has been nominated for all sorts of awards, Best Drama and Best actress, Winona Ryder and the show, both for Golden Globes!
Any-who, this streaming thingy is great and although I did see American Horror Story through to all its Netflix postings thus far, five seasons, six should be released soon to the streaming market and I do know there will a seventh season, I read that somewhere... And there were five seasons of the Ghost Whisperer... But Stranger Things keeps looming large with an enticement on my screen every-time I go to my chosen one at this point, the Ghost almost makes me cry in the end Whisperer. Who says there are no commercials on streaming sites, ha!
Still watching the same show series, but I suppose I could always come back to it... who knows I might not like Stranger Things; who am I kidding!
If they don't remove it, either of them, sometimes they do ya know, I would still have time for both... oh well!
Geez, I wish this was my most difficult decision to have to make ever, hmm, ha!
Life's dilemmas at their simplest!

Moving on...

Whether you shop online or view programming online or get your news, listen to music or watch music videos, read books, or do research or whatever, Geez, we never seem to go too far to get our work and enjoyment taken care of, games tests education... Gosh never leave! I certainly seem to be here forever!
But we must ya know...leave at times... only for a bit.
I even exercise while online, oops I have to get that done still today, since it is Wednesday!
Second week of maintaining my self promise, Monday Wednesday and Friday exercise!

So I will be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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