Something odd happened today...

Anyone who is on Facebook most likely knows that they have throwback Thursdays with going back sometimes a year or more and show your posts from then, true?
Well, today there was a photograph posted by me from 2011 that I nearly forgot about because it wasn't anyone that anyone knew, even us.
See odd.
What I recall is that I had bought a frame from the thrift shop at the Cultural Center that I do fairly regularly, an excellent buy really, and you can refurbish them in any style you wish... So when I took it apart this one had a picture of a boy and girl in it, not models, but the family resemblance was obvious.
And so I felt it was probably the original owner of the frame's children, and I posted it to see if anyone recognized them to return the picture to them.
We had done a similar thing with photos that had been carried by category five winds after Hurricane Andrew in South Florida way back in1992, but in storefront windows that were still there.
And many times the keepsakes were reunited with their owners/families.
But no one claimed the photo on FB that I had posted and we already brought it back to the Cultural Center and the next time we went in we were told no one ever did claim it, and it was gone, sad.

Some things in life cannot ever be replaced, people for one, photos for another, but lesser in importance of course, and everything else is just the same as white noise in my book, and doesn't matter really and is replaceable if need be.

Going through life with seeing and having so much devastation and deaths makes one realize what is truly important.

So when you go crazy trying to find the latest and greatest toy for that child that you love so much just remember that your time of being with them is the true priceless gift...too preachy? OOPS!

Just thinking... dangerous stuff!

Moving on...

Any-who, my choice on what to watch was a split decision!
Stranger Things to me appears to be a cross between ET and Stand by Me, sort of, both excellent flicks though undeniably, but so far only one season of eight shows have been made. Although, with all the awards it is garnishing I am more than sure there will be years coming! PS I am enjoying it thoroughly, another PG-13 series if I may be so bold to rate.
So here's what I did I watched and still am watching the Ghost Whisperer a couple of those to every one of Stranger Things, talk about people who have way too much time on their hands!
But it is a scientific way to have your cake and eat it too, non calorically speaking, of course.

Next on my train of thoughts...
Anyway, I was wrong about my oyster shell grapevine wreath nearly eighteen years hanging in the alcove of our exterior entry that it was only in need of a bow; Hubby gave it a bath and the whole thing basically fell apart!
So off to Jo Anne's and back into the canal for more oyster shells Hubby went; he had already bought a new ribbon this one is in a soft shear teal, since this wreath hangs there year round.
And together after I disassembled the old one, we reassembled the new one with me tying on the new ribbon and then Hubby drilled all the new shells with their tiny holes so that the fishing line could go through like the remainder of the old ones, he also did that tedious work after I placed them where I wanted them, and voila we now have a fuller more abundant oyster shell grapevine wreath hanging to the right of our front door! Ta Da!

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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