and the bank make logical moves. sent me a free return package label today! It is boxed up to go out tomorrow!
And I will be receiving my refund as soon as they receive the earrings back!
I enclosed a copy of my initial receipt with the picture of what was shown to be the earrings that I thought I was purchasing and once they look at the two together they should realize why I was such an unhappy customer!
Anyway, all is good so far... they will be refunding the purchase price, PS it had free delivery initially, so why would they think I would want to pay for the return really, hmm?

As far as the bank and Best Buy's misguided charge of $53.49, the bank's policy is to allow for a year companies etc. that may have had prior authorization to utilize your old card number, what????
I told them that it is the customers responsibility to inform whomever they deal with financially that might have access to their accounts, not the banks to allow willy nilly people who your fiduciary relationship might have changed with to gain access, NO!
Being a loyal customer for the thirty years that we have lived in Florida does have some weight apparently, we will see... I requested that corporate should write to me to let me know that this policy should be looked into and that they heard my concerns, and their customer service reassured me it will be.
Who knows...

Moving on...

Any-who, I have found over these many years that I am trying hard not to act too preachy with anything that I write.
Being in management even before being a Mom and a teacher of employees and as a volunteer teaching classes we all have a tendency to speak to others with a definite need to be listened to in order to succeed in whatever aspect of life you have for that forum at any given time for the results to work.
Does that make sense?
But in life, as in motherhood, I have tried hard never ever to talk down to anyone, or assume that they did not know things... I took it for granted they were very well informed, not ignorant!

After all, I used to tease that our sons were smarter than me by the time they were in third grade, and seriously I did believe that they were, they were! Both had genius IQs and mine was only 120, Genius starts at 130 and theirs are 155+ each; average by the way is 100-110, but I guess you all knew that.
So I never ever talked down to them, and gave them an awful lot of credit for them to think for themselves and they always amazed me with their comments on life, so grown up!

And so this brings me to people I avoid, or get annoyed with, ones who want to be your life guides, make you a millionaire, and other people who believe their way is the best way, and those who constantly post other people's quotes as if they cannot think of something to say for themselves!
And you know that they can, but they seem just lazy to me.
Thus my concern once again for sounding too preachy... I wish for everyone that posts on Facebook to post themselves what is their mindset, not someone else's, and news articles and youtube are fine to post, but quotes even those should be original!
I don't know what to say other than mine are.
And I truly believe everyone has the ability to think for themselves.
This is America after all! LOL! Stole that from someone, oops!

On that note allow me to be the very first one to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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