Gurgle gurgle toil and...

What the heck?
I found out by Googling that my gurgling tummy is, "quite normal" for those of us with gastric sleeve surgeries.
Refreshing, and not just a temporary ordeal a more often longer lifetime happening by the people I encountered discussing it online, anywhere from days to years after this surgery!
Guess that is why one so proudly stated that they lost ninety-four pounds and counting in a year's time!
For me that would make me anorexic at this point of my no return...
Although, at the rate I am going nine months sounds not unreasonably to be at my goal weight!
Oh and what I was doing was sort of right liquids in any form, but they seemed to believe warm instead of cold worked better.
I suppose whatever works can be a personal choice.
Lunchtime I had soup and dinner too with hot green tea, but I still feel that the ice pops help the most to get the bubbles flowing.
In between I am trying hard to get my other liquids in, like flat club soda and Propel with those electrolytes.

Moving on...

To a consumer complaint.
About two weeks ago I purchased onyx and gold earrings online on sale from a Sear's manufacturer supposedly.
They were very similar to the pair of my oval black onyx and gold set that I had lost one last April, but these were round with gold trim in 14k gold leaf-like with onyx flat like in my original pair that matched my LIM college ring.
That is why it broke my heart when I had lost the one after forty plus years!
I was quite excited that I had found a pair similar and was thrilled in anticipation of their arrival.
But once they arrived last week I was horrified that they did not look at all like the ones pictured, this pair was shaped like fake bulbous black pearls not onyxes at all and the gold trim was miniscule and the posts were only long enough to fit through a child's earlobe, never an adult's!
I went back and forth with the company and yet to no avail to replace them with the ones pictured, and I did send them a picture of the ones they sent to see the difference, but they complained it was blurry, and it was not!
They are called company who told me they would refund me if I sent them back at my own expense, what?????
This I believe was a bait and switch scheme and they are liable to give me what I ordered or at least send a refund with monies for the return trip!
PS I just went to their site and MINE are No longer there!

I guess I will have to eat them to gain any value from them!

Not a happy camper!

Another problem arose today that appeared to be fraud.
I went to our bank online to check our account that I do at least every other day and there was a bogus charge on our credit card page, so I called them and told them I believed this to be a fraudulent charge, since it was made yesterday and neither of us had gone out or shopped online at Best Buys.
It was for $53.49 and was pending the date was 12/11/16.
While speaking to the bank they noticed that it was on our old card that had to be destroyed, since our account had been compromised before and this was last year and we had received new cards.
I asked how could that be we both cut our old cards up the same as we do with every year we receive new ones too, as we all should.
Hours later with an email I found out it was NOT a fraudulent charge per se, but an assuming one from the Geek Squad at Best Buys that we were continuing with our old anti-virus and they just charged us for an additional year unbeknownst to us when spoken to they insisted we approved this, and neither Hubby or I had!
Well, since it was not right, but not actually fraud I called the bank back since their billing department at Best Buys Geek Squad was refunding the amount.
Although, it does make one wonder how a charge could go through on a cancelled account, hmm?
Scary, when I think about it to the same bank that helped us cancel it last year, hmm?
I guess they will be getting another call tomorrow... they have been our bank for decades, shame on them!

On that note of always check and recheck, especially during the holidays, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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