Streaming along...

...on Netflix, but of course!
Most recently American Horror Story, I am already into season two, with five stars and as many seasons I am a very happy binge watcher!
Except, when they get a bit too gory and the anticipation this time turned out to be more than what they looked as if what was going to be portrayed, and was not thankfully... better and whew!
The concern for the one installation of their opener threw me so off that I actually started their browser to find something less objectionable and for me to temporarily end up watching, and I did. The Ranch was what I found that was quite at the other end of the spectrum, talk about eclectic tastes I'm definitely the QUEEN! But it didn't take long for me to muster up the courage to go back to American Horror Story and see what my anticipated fear if it would be realized, but it wasn't, thank goodness!
American Horror Story is like watching a  horrible accident and as awful as it is you cannot look away.
I thought I was over those years of enjoying being scared, guess not!
In my preteens and teens Edgar Allan Poe was who I read or watched movies of to gain the same insanity of fear, later on in my twenties and thirties it was Stephen King in books and movies and now after skipping decades here I am again with the easy at my fingertips Netflix and all that it has to offer in the scare department!

Moving on...

I am stretching while relaxing, but I should do more.
My PT gave me several exercises to be done while lying here in bed.
Even using my free weights, only my two pounders, I also have threes and fives.
Plus those colorful bands.
Just have to start a routine on Monday, and Wednesday and Friday, a few times a day ought to do it!
I have lost a total of nearly twenty nine pounds in six and half weeks!

Hubby and I made a smart decision to sell our 2003 Sea Hunt 202 Triton, 21' fishing boat with a center console and head in it there, as well as a Yamaha 115 hp four stroke outboard motor, dual batteries and a brilliant blue Bimini, live well too and we have the galvanized trailer too!
All bought new in 2003, but for the last several years it has not gotten off the lift, since I cannot get on it.
We found out on NADA, the Blue Book for boats, it is worth about half what we paid for it, at $13,500 now. It will probably be going up on Craig's list as soon as Hubby is finished detailing it. The plan is to buy a pontoon boat so I can roll right onto it instead of feeling sad about not enjoying boating anymore, we have both been boaters for over forty years and Hubby is retired Marine Patrol and a licensed boats' captain too! So its been very, very sad. Now with the weather cooling off it is more desirable for me to go out too.
Wish someone would be willing to trade us even Steven; it would be so much easier!

On this note of whatever floats your/our boats, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask all of you to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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