Blankety- blank blank

 Is used as a show of disapproval or instead of cursing, but in my case tonight I am at an impasse, a dead end, a stand still, a standoff, a deadlock or even a stalemate etc. etc. etc.?
I for the first time in ages cannot find something to talk about, oh wait... this is IT!

Again talking about nothing much, is this considered small talk?
Non-controversial, not very important, but conversational?
I never have gotten that social compliance quite right.
To me a conversation should have substance, in other words sharing tales of oneself of significance from the get-go that is how you get to know people!
None of that whishy washy bologna of weather talk, I suppose if it is misbehaving...that is the weather is as they are saying might happen here by tomorrow!
Gosh it's been over fifty days here without any significant rain, and tomorrow they, the weather people, meteorologists are predicting we might be getting a major wet one!
Now get your minds out of the gutter.
A major storm with heavy rain, thunder, wind, lightening and possible tornadoes like the ones bombarding our northern Gulf coast neighbors in Louisiana and Alabama et al, but we are in the southern realm of the Gulf in Southwest Florida, and yes, they are saying we of dry November standing that will go down in history as the driest November ever and that was still in hurricane season until its last day had none, no moisture at all!
And that December is having tomorrow plenty, too much in fact!
Well, to me that is a significant weather conversation, but not too polite and I bet to you too, and a bit controversial, hmm? 
Predictions, scientific predictions... how come people mostly believe the meteorologists about their daily weather forecast, but not our new Pres.-elect DJ he doesn't believe in GLOBAL WARMING???????    
Miami floods daily on our other coast the Atlantic side!

Okay, so I had something to say after all.
And it might be considered historic after tomorrow.
Hopefully, it will just be a plain Jane rain, soft and steady, because like so many places without rain for quite some time we could really, really use some...
Good night to all and to all be happy and stay inside in the case of inclement weather, unless you really like that sort of thing, hmm?
Enjoy Gene Kelly iconically sing and dance in the rain!
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