Chill day!

And it's not because we again had a day that began outside of our home in the high fifties, although it did, but warmed up nicely once again to dear sweet southwest Florida weather of the low eighties!

Our indoor temperature was a very cool seventy-three when I arose at six twenty A.M., and since we had left the air on instead of the heat on overnight that automatically shut off thus the lower than set on temperature that we find comfortable of seventy-five. I had to switch back to heat and seventy-six that we needed to remove that chill with no blood in us since here in the hot south and have not adapted to any cold stuff, actually it occurred the too cold to believe of our bodies, under seventy-five degrees, our BIG CHILL six months after moving here way back in 1986!

But wait I am way off course, since that wasn't the chill I was talking about at all!
I meant relaxing in our comfortable home and watching PBS on the tube, another historic rendition of Florida history, this time the Gamble Plantation Historic State Park, an antebellum mansion.
Fascinating and upsetting, but riveting.
It was an hour.
Yes, we live in a state that has a horrid history, but so much has changed, and there are not as many original many generations of native Floridians here, many here now are like us transplants from all over the country and even the world!
The mentality of hate I would have thought would have diminished with the diversity that we have found in the thirty years that we have lived here; although as much changes much does stay the same, again too sad for words, but...
Many races and cultures are here and should respect one another, but sadly from this states election results I believe we have gone backwards in time and this makes me very uneasy.
I pray so much for good positive change in my head, but that we do not fit into what the narrowest of thinking assumes to be the most righteous and decent of "their kind", neither of us fit into their mold of that!
Rather than living in fear I want to shout it to the world, I am not beautiful or thin and I am disabled and old, and so is my Hubby, just older.
We are not the Barbie and Ken dolls or white Anglo-Saxons, we are of European descent, but I am a Jew and my husband is a Catholic, not their concept of Christians oddly enough, and not their idea of what America should be filled with.
And Good Grief there are still people who believe that Medicare and Social Security are entitlements, WHAT????
Every week of our working lives those monies were set aside for our retirement, our money and yes we are all entitled to it since it IS OURS!
Get your info straight, people from other countries do not get it, and even some of our own!
Every week or every other week you get paid in the USA they take money out of your paycheck that is set aside for retirement and that is what we all collect when we retire, simple!
And that money is called Social Security and Medicare, and if you work for a city or state or a certain company that also takes money out for a pension while you work for them that too is yours once you retire, and Hubby has that too!
And that is why it is ours earned, not some hand out!
Got it?
I sure hope so.
Any questions?
Hope not!
Joan posted a petition to be signed and I did it again, oops, but I trust my old school chum from way back when, and so I committed myself and Hubby to the campaign not to let anything untoward happen to OUR MEDICARE!
The money is there, all of ours who paid in.
Here's the link, sign it if you are an American. I think it is necessary to make sure we get what is ours!
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