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We all know what the word new means, right? Not old.
But the word post has more than one definition.
A post for a fence is the upright pole that a portion of the structure is attached to, true?
And another post, like on here is publishing my blog for posting online!
Perhaps there are more meanings, but for lack of other immediate evidence I will utilize these.
So this is what I do nightly I publish mostly new posts, occasionally I recycle to be totally honest, but still ta da worthy!

And tonight due to physical difficulties I will keep this brief.
Without going into too many details it includes my wrists and shoulders, mid back as well as my tummy not functioning to proper capacity! In fact my stomach deals with over capacity not unlike many too full things it dumps its excess!
Forgive my graphic details.
Or maybe not too exacting in info, but most people are not really that interested in me discussing that gory details of how I vomited up my dinner!
Oops, did I write that out loud?
Geez, it's times like these when I wonder if I actually needed the surgery, I could have just become another woman of a statistic with an eating disorder; since this definitely is reacting like bulimia!
Although no fingers or hands have been stuck down my throat! Naturally discharging what once was inside of me, okay NOT naturally, than what????
Funny/weird thing is when I was too thin, ninety pounds, people thought I was anorexic, but I wasn't I just had a stomach problem called chronic gastritis!
And I was even hospitalized for it way back when, but has reoccurred when I am thin, oh joy!
Why now is this part of the recovery from gastric sleeve surgery seeming like very odd Deja vu!

I have stayed too long at the fair, my intolerance for continuing is all due to my wrists and shoulder that are being iced as I write, but still OWS!
 Good night dear friends may we meet here again tomorrow night, see ya!
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