Days are running together without my ventures out into the world...

What day is it today?
Ah yes, Wednesday, and I remembered it well...not really, I almost wrote Tuesday!
No structure to life can do that to a person, what you might ask?
Confuse you, or me, yes me, not necessarily you... but maybe.
Don't get scared, it happens to the best of us, when we lose our daily routine.
It has been known to occur at any age when you cannot go to places that you previously frequented.
Missing people and places is sometimes the trigger for that loss of memory.
But alas the only cure is to find some way to create a new normal!
Yup, one that means something to you and can suffice, if only temporarily, be creative and fun loving with ideas that will wow and satisfy the most boring ordinary times and change them into crazy the good type of crazy wonderful memories!
You in?
I am.
I don't know about you, but for me I only have one surgery this month, out patient, coming up in two weeks, other than that my month is free!
No PT until January.
What to do, what to do?
So far I have started as of Monday with my exercise program for every other day or really three days a week, using my two pound free weights and those bands too in four colors of different strengths, yellow, red, blue and green, in ascending strengths I think.
Repeating the routine of six exercises to counts of five with ten repetitions each, two days worth so far and counting!
Geez, I hear your dissension, well folks it is a beginning!
 And I am trying.
Keeping positive thoughts in my brain and trying hard not to get depressed.
So many have so much family to share with and ours is so tiny compared to others.
Listen, the best part of the holidays is that, seeing people you love and that love you!
Although you should see them all year round.
But I do miss it.
Big time.

Getting a life, meaning finding things to do to keep busy is not that hard.
I painted the flag from our mailbox.
Our ceramic Christmas cat's ornaments surrounding him, looking a little bit in a need to refresh.
I will be changing ribbons too on decorations of our white poinsettias and my oyster grape wreath's blue ribbon too!
A freshening up of displays outside.
Make a BIG BOW for our rural mailbox too, I already painted its flag, but I told you that already, oh dear am I getting old and dotty? Don't answer that. And Hubby bleached the mailbox's white box and post.
In Florida between wasps' nests and mold it never seems to end.
And I suppose I shall, end this for tonight... Good night all!

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