Here we go again!

Late, I am very late for a very important date!
Writing this blog with the new day beginning at seven P.M. EST.! By Google standards apparently!
I have to accomplish my due/do diligence in a hurry.
Nah... if I don't care about the views, yep and they have been averaging well over TWO HUNDRED a day! One day it was over FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY!
Over SIX THOUSAND now a month, compared to my old numbers of twenty a day and one thousand a month!

Any-who, one might wonder why so late when just last night I admitted to not doing very much these days, hmm?
Well, if the truth be told I have been binge watching what could only be considered close to pornography in the name of American Horror Story!
I feel like a voyeur watching this stuff.
Although, the stories are such that you can not tear yourself away waiting for the next vignette to begin.
I feel a shame.
But oddly fascinated.
After all this old prude has not seen anything like this before.
I am already on season five of the five online, it has five stars for quality, and the actual stars range from Kathy Bates to Angela Bassett to Jessica Lange to Lady Gaga to Gabourey Sidibe to Cuba Gooding Jr. to Zachary Quinto, and Dylan McDermott to name just a few!
So it is amazing in its quality of actors it has drawn in to want to do this!

Graphic gory scenes and well as explicit sex scenes of all types of couples relationships, even orgy scenes, vampires, freaks, murderers, insane people, you name it!
Who would have thunk it that I would have been watching this stuff in my old age!
I was sooooooooooo wholesome!

Enough already.
I think I have made my point.
You never know...
Got to get out more... TRULY!
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