Back to the old grind

Creating interesting dishes out of leftovers!
Gypsy style Stroganoff of a sort from leftover brisket: just caramelize an onion, stir in a large quantity of mushrooms, healthy amount of peas, several cloves of garlic, decent handful of cherry tomatoes, sodium free beef bullion packet with a cup of water and enough of flour for thickening and stir, add in the brisket shredded with its juices, all poured over two types of leftover cooked packaged noodles, wide eggless and spirals with eggs included, already in the noodles, there were mini amounts left of each so added together to make it just right; thus the Gypsy touch of a bissel of this and a bissel of that.
At the very last moment add in fat free Greek yogurt, see milchig and fleishig, dairy and meat together, there was a time I would have said YUCK with feeling and meant it, but being married to a Gentile, a Catholic at that, we learn what once made us weak now makes us stronger, LOL! Kidding of course, but life does make you learn to acclimate, and that includes trying new things.
All sorts, Oy vey I almost forgot, add a smidge of butter too!
Oh and put in a large oven safe container, in my case my very large Corning ware covered casserole dish, and heat for about fifteen minutes on 400 degrees in oven then remove lid and turn over the oven to broil for about 3 to 4 minutes, but watch carefully and voila dinner for another ten days two months or freeze when tired of it before it all goes bad!

Moving on...

Then of course there was additional streaming on Netflix, choices were of two that so far are only a year into their original programming. And yes I had finished the whole five years of the Ghost Whisperer, and moved on days ago... OA for its one season that may be or not renewed I hope it is, and then I moved on to the Travelers that has been renewed, but so far only one season in the can, and finished by me earlier today; so now I moved on to another original Netflix one, Sense8 and it opens with Daryl Hannah, yep the Splash gal, in a provocative scene and she did age well, anyway and that handsome Middle Eastern guy from Lost is in it too and it has five stars, so I began that.
And yes, that is my criteria to watch a five star rating or at least four and a half, and an interesting synopsis in a genre that I prefer and then I am hooked.
Also more than one season is a plus; this one is two seasons so far, hopefully more down the line or news of in the grapevine.

More onward...

Laundry was done and exercises too, back on track!
As well as my culinary skills charged.

Too far...

I do have a slight issue with my neck though, wasn't going to mention it, but the jugular vein does appear swollen,  and there are two pearl shaped bumps alongside of it, and a bit of a bruise... but I do not have a fever and I can swallow not too bad and so far I know no one is available with the holiday and its not worthy of a nine one one call so I am taking the wait and see attitude, hope I am right this time... that is all signing off for tonight!

In closing...

Happy Kwanzaa and third night of Hanukah, and extended Christmas celebration day!
A happy good night to all!

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