I am confused...

Nothing new there, most who know me, really know me would say.
When did porn become mainstreamed?
Maybe I am so naïve that this is not porn that I have been seeing but just heavy duty R rated entertainment?

Don't get me wrong I'm no prude, who am I kidding of course I am, but when is it that gratuitous sexually graphic scenes needed to be as an integral part of the storylines telling? I guess I would be lying if I failed in admitting that I like most people enjoy healthy looking people male or female to look at, goals to set for most of us, except by unrealism of the enhanced by plastic surgeries. Let's face it most at our best are not that perfect!

Plus F'ing this and that all of the time, when in reality there are so many more flamboyant curse words that can be used, too much of redundancy, truly.

That said with this new Sense8 that has its male on female, female on female, male on male, you name it even innocence of not yet ready for sex. shown, whew!

Although, I am now on the series sixth show of the first season in spite of the above cringe worthy commentary and experiences to this sheltered from all that gal...

If I were an anthropologist I suppose I could adjust my judgmental prudish attitude and use it instead for good as an observation of different cultural mores and so let it be said, a non-doctorate student of the current cultural habits of this world and its inhabitants, I'm good, I guess... get over it folks and I will try to too!

Any-who, this is the other confusing part of this series, people overlap thought processes telepathy and teleportation is not unusual either, but not by need or desire, it just happens and the person is as baffled as the viewer is, me and this is a worldwide production with scenes in Dubai, India, Africa, London, Chicago, San Francisco, South Korea and Mexico so they go real far, not Star Trek far but far.

Actually, this last one I just finished, the fifth in the first season show did start to make it a bit more understandable... well we will see what we can see... It is almost like those scary movies we all watched as kids where we used pillows to hide behind for those scenes that would make us suck our thumbs again out of fear, but we would peek over the pillow to see around it and get those chills up  our arms where the hair stands on ends; albeit this is with sexual scenes; nothing that I ever saw any of those as a child and I am more than sure my parents in their graves are delighted with that little known fact!

Definitely not recommended for children, even some adults, me for instance, but I am on an educational mission, really!
I am a people watcher from way back, but usually at malls fully dressed, me and them!
The game then was to figure out their back stories of careers or why they were there and for what, etc.

Moving on...

Update... Best Buy denies having given me a second refund, and says they only have one in their information as being for  the amount of $53.49 the amount of the one item, not the two that I checked again today to make sure it was still there on my credit card account and it is.

Oh well, Merry Christmas Happy Hanukah to me! How many times should I continue to try to settle this, so far its been four times!
I suppose I can try the bank again for another conference call with them arbitrating with their proof I am just trying to right a wrong... Maybe I should wait a few weeks when things have really calmed down for all businesses after the holidays?
I feel bad about this not much can be done about this now.

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Sorry friends who celebrate Kwanzaa I had misspelled it yesterday, shear stupidity on my end, although, I did correct my mistakes, more than once, please forgive, but happy second day of that holiday to all. A FB friend subtly told me that I had misspelled it, but I hadn't caught on.. .all fixed now. To my credit my spell checker hadn't picked up on it either, although that is no excuse.

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