What an odd family we are!

Friday night I made potato latkes, shredded potatoes in the food processor and then squeezed out liquid with a dish towel, and onions shredded too and also squeezed, then in my stainless steel bowl with Kosher salt, pepper flour and an egg, scooped with my medium melon baller and yielded seventeen bite size ones in my glass rectangular and metal square pans, and this time baked in the oven for dinner with fancy non-fat Greek yogurt with chives a pinch of garlic powder and applesauce. Last night we had a brisket made the way Mom had with orange juice and marmalade a bissel, about a teaspoon full, and about the same of brown sugar, two squirts of ketchup but Hunts without that high fructose corn syrup!
Onions, baby carrots, celery, garlic cloves, a half a dozen cherry tomatoes, and a bunch, handful of frozen mushrooms thyme and bay leafs as well as sodium free beef bullion powder packet all in my small crock pot after flouring and browning the meat cut in half sautéed in Pam and olive oil with Kosher salt and pepper in a pan on the stove. I had cut the brisket in half that was only 2.24 lbs. we had half of that 1.12 LBS. and froze the other half, but it was just for the two of us and we had plenty for lotsa leftovers still! Potatoes would not fit in my tiny crock pot we have a large one in the storage and so in the end we chose instant mashed potatoes to have the dinner over, dessert was pie alamode, apple pie with French vanilla ice cream.
Tonight, again just for the two of us a very low sodium 12 oz. ham steak with this time homemade scalloped potatoes, pealed and sliced two potatoes and half an onion placed into a small square Corning ware dish that had been sprayed with Pam then layered potatoes slices onions, a splash of milk, Kosher salt and pepper, teensy weeny bits of butter in between, alternating till all potatoes and onions are used up then cooked in microwave for six minutes then topped with cheddar cheese and placed in the oven alongside the ham steak that had been plied with pineapple juice, brown sugar and cloves and pineapple rings on top, with still more leftovers after all was said and done, and fresh baby carrots blanched and frozen peas heated till just right without losing their color!
Oh of course I only ate mouthfuls of all of those meals and it is proven by the fact that I have now lost another pound, not including the three I had to lose by regaining be an oops over a week ago and  so I did lose four pounds then.
Thus that explains the leftovers.
For days and days actually.
I had brisket of beef soup today for lunch just added some water and another sprinkle of sodium free beef bullion to the cup and leftover container, too much for just my soup.
The brisket was as all should be fork tender, and broke up with the veggies making it perfect for my soft diet that I graduated to as of nine plus weeks out of surgery from my gastric sleeve surgery!

 The odd part is that we celebrate all holidays and no we are not Kosher, the salt thing is due to lower sodium, but we do enjoy family memories. And food does that for most all of us reminds of us of family... and I know at this time of the year we remember those things... with fondness and happy inward smiles, and outward ones too...So Happy Smiles to All!
And let those food memories flourish and pass them all around!

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