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I would first like to correct my overly concerned need to contact my health insurance agent for Medicare and my supplemental, there was no need!
Hubby was telling me since he is a few years ahead with Medicare et al that it wasn't necessary to notify anyone, but I was of the thought than why would I be receiving all this literature from so many companies, including the one that I am with, huh? I should have listened to him as well as my ole friend who asked me about it after I wrote about it though.
So I did call my agent to let him know I was happy with my no co-pay companies!
In fact my surgery bill came this afternoon from the hospital with a 0.00 owed!
The actual bill was out of sight, at nearly seventy thousand, but adjusted for just under 9k, would you believe! Yes, that was seven-zero thousand, whoa!
Sure happy it was all taken care of by my Medicare plus my fine AARP United Healthcare F plan supplemental!
I highly recommend them to anyone who will be eligible.
The doctor's bill has not come yet, but again it should be the same as well as the blood filter doctor's was, his office who told me that they had been paid weeks ago, with again zero to me!
Thus my happiness with my supplemental only going up two dollars a month to $186.10 a month.

Next, our new air-conditioner/ heating system is paying for itself, truly the first month our bill went down forty bucks and this month's bill is half of what last year's at this time of year was, by being less than seventy three bucks for nearly one whole month, twenty-eight days!
Last year it was $145!
Still folks we have a very tiny home, only around a thousand square feet!
With our larger home on the other coast it was nearly 4K square feet over twenty years ago our monthly bills were over three hundred then!
But it was BIGGER; nearly four times!
Now I bet it is five hundred or more, Geez happy we don't have that anymore.
Scaling down was the smartest thing we did all those years ago and I recommend it highly.

So far our bank has besides paying our inflated homeowner's insurance that does seem we will have to bite the bullet on that $281 increase, they also paid our taxes as I requested to gain the meager 4% discount, but every month it goes down. Now it is negative for the flood insurance paid in January, but we have two more months of escrows until then, but the adjustment will be in January and I bet it will be a lot more!

We still have a mortgage since we renegotiated a few years ago for a twenty year from the thirty and a couple of points lower to a 3.75% fixed for that twenty year conventional, the other was a thirty year fixed rate conventional too @ 5.30% if I recall, and now since I pay more towards the principle monthly we are down to nearly sixteen years, and it is not that large, even with monthly taxes and insurances included in we still have been paying just over seven hundred, but now we might be paying near eight hundred or more, since our escrow shortfall will be much larger than we like and they tack it on. I had wanted to pay it separately because they divide their numbers up and that is not right, but the bank refused to allow it, not fair in my opinion!

So that might very well be where our air/heating savings will be going.

Lastly: The Amazon lady had contacted the company that is sending my Buddha, and they in turn contacted
me, and have confirmed that my Buddha will be here Monday, Yay!

Moving on...

I had PT again today, and I think I have definitely found out why I am having difficulty working when I get there, all due to my muscular syncope kicking in.
I was able to do lying down exercises with two pound free weights and legs with the ball between my knees and counts to five, as well as slight leg lifts, tightening stomach muscles and pushing toward the bed, all after ten minutes on that leg/arm push machine!

We came home right after the first time this week.

The weather here is delightful, not too hot in the mornings, believe it or not it has been in the fifties but low seventies by the time we go to my physical therapy around ten A.M., perfect! Causing much less spasms, and I had lowered my Gabapentin weeks ago to just 300 Mg. at bedtime and my Baclofen to only 40 Mg. 20mg. in the morning and 20 Mg. at bedtime and no blood pressure meds at all, my last reading just yesterday with it gone a week was 105/58! See, do not need it!

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