Peace and tranquility be mine!

I made a decision today after posting something that I believed in, but apparently did not read completely.
And it was controversial as many things are these days post election.
It attracted very negative commentary by far more than the one who agreed with it and therefor me.
What was I thinking?????
Who needs to start another angry forum for people who on each side believe all they think is right in their mind, but the opponent is wrong, of course.
Pitfalls, are many with this contentious election and fallout and protests are many continuing to go on and on and on!
Why should I add to all that, when all I really hunger for is peace and quiet!

Now onto what really matters in life...a Chinese food dinner with interesting fortune cookies!

And now this makes sense, "Spirit guides accompany you." (mine) I can only hope.
"Praise like gold and diamonds owes its value to its scarcity." (Hubby's) True.
The third one was rather poor grammar and this from someone who is always in trouble with the grammar police, but you decide, "On the right track, means need to run even faster, or got run over."? His again. To me I feel that it should have said, "get run over." But what do I know, since I run regularly from the grammar police, ha! (Not really just a figure of speech! Uh oh I better run again, hmm?)

And yes, Hubby went to China City tonight to pick up dinner, and he had pork lo mein, while we both had egg drop soup, allowed for me, and I ordered shrimp in lobster sauce, nixing the rice. Smushing the shrimp and tossing the peas aside, since not allowed, but carrots are and those were smushed too!
Don't worry I had only a soup spoon's worth and less than a half of a cup of soup that I did not finish!
But it all tastes so good!
I do not eat the fortune cookies for the last several years so I do not miss them, Hubby does eat them though; I only read the messages in them and catalogue the fortunes here.

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