Phone numbers to remember

Amazon customer service: 1-888-280-3321
USPS: 1-800-275-8777
Sure there are many more, but these were reassuring to me today.
I, of course used the online sites too.
And my tracking number, over, and over again!
But when your original order is said to be delivered on a certain date and it passes and it does not arrive then... you go whatever route works for you!
The woman in customer service at Amazon spoke with the sender of our of all things bronze Buddha, for peace and harmony took me under her wing with assurance that she would get to the bottom of this and if we still do not receive our item, another will be sent by Monday!
Talk about irony!
Not feeling the peace or the harmony too much right now, and I really, really need to find some!

Moving on...
Although, according to my CPAP I slept ten hours last night, but it also counts TV falling asleep time.
I used the smaller mask that covers my mouth and nose, as the medium sized other one had, but even so I must have had it on too tight.
You see, I awoke very late, nearly eight A.M., and I had nose ripples and cheek ridges in red that were still visible even after ten at PT!
My arms and legs were still weak.
But I did try standing with numbness and pain; I do know that sounds contrary to one another, but it is how it feels and not unusual for Multiple sclerosis.
Hubby reminded me that I had been busy before we went with showering, and breakfast etc. accomplished and so true.
I have to do those things though.
We also had my visit to Labcorp, the follow-up blood work for the hematologist, twelve weeks since my August testing that needed to be done to determine my need for the anticoagulant injection and maybe even the blood filter that was installed in me.
Not very festive for a birthday celebration for Hubby!
We did go to lunch at Chili's.
We both ordered their potato soup, and I ordered a half sandwich which I took apart, but ate very little, it was a turkey club or much of my soup.
Hubby had the chicken fajitas with tacos etc. and his potato soup that he finished!
We took most of it home and Hubby finished all for supper, I stuck to my more usual tomato basil and protein drink, but even those I did not finish.
Oh I almost forgot Hubby did get a free vanilla ice cream scoop with chocolate and caramel sauce on it, as a birthday gift from Chili's, but he nixed the birthday singing portion of the ceremony.
They understood.

We did get gas finally, we kept forgetting and I suppose it was another highlight of the day, since Sam's Club's gas was just $1.93.9 a gallon, the least we have seen in a very long time!
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