Just got home!

Went to the oxygen place that provides my CPAP due to it needing an adjustment.
It first was water boarding me, yes pushing distilled water through its tubing into the breathing mask, and when that finally was fixed it blew way to much noisy air at me!
It turned out to be my flap in my mask causing the issue.
Although, the mask did need a better adjustment since air was coming out the top towards my eyes or out the side!
I now have my choice of small or medium sized masks, two of each.
I went two nights without using it, and I supposedly have sleep apnea, so I was a bit concerned, albeit I went for years without having been diagnosed and I survived.
A little knowledge and all that, ya know?
Though the theory is when I lose a significant amount of weight I should be in the clear, and a reversal of the problem could occur.
After all I am no longer on blood pressure medication these days; nearly a week!

I really want to get this published so I will hurry along... it is late and the cut off with daylight savings time is now an hour earlier here so seven the day changes!

Any-who, we waited all day and my Buddha was supposed to be delivered today and it wasn't, it was to come USPS, but nada, nil, not here bupkis!
I suppose I should try our post office again, I had called and called but their line was busy, busy, busy!
Maybe early tomorrow I will be able to get through.
I ordered it through Amazon, hmmm...
Next I will call them after the post office, tomorrow.
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