Having weird back pains that I have gotten previously and what I mean by weird is the sensation of as if my vertebrae are collapsing!
I do have spondylosis which can cause such a possibility, osteoporosis can too, but I only have osteopenia, and mine were in the thoracic and lumbar regions and made me need Hubby to get me into bed.
And the other way it can manifest itself is in weakness in the upper extremities that it had by making the two pound free weights that I have been using previously feel as if they were a hundred pounds or more, and so I could not lift them.
So my ability to do a normal workout was diminished today!
Although, I was able to sit down and use that sitting feet pushing with arms moving machine for over eight minutes.

After physical therapy I rode over on my motorized wheelchair to Winn Dixie, a grocery store in the same shopping center.
Hubby drove the van over and looked for a parking spot.
I noticed a well dressed woman, I liked her sandals and told her, she was heading towards a handicap spot with all her groceries, she looked healthy and was alone.
I asked her if she was in the handicap spot. She hesitated and said yes. I bet she thought I was going to call her out on taking the spot, but instead I just said my husband was going around in circles looking for one, and I will direct him to hers. She hurried to get her bags into her mini van, without any indication that she was of need, but I held my tongue.
Hubby got the spot!

I'm learning, but still confused on why people do that.

Moving on to musings with fear...

Many things have been disturbing in the current news on DJs cabinet choices, a guy, Steve Bannon, with anti-Semitic leanings is his pick for the one to listen to as a chief strategist, huh?
His son-in-law is a Jew and his daughter converted to Judaism!
What's with that?
Even Germany has stated that DJ's statements and ideas remind them of Hitler!
Too many people have been hoodwinked.

All any of us can hope for it that some how he is removed from office legally before he does too much damage!
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