Free day!

But not really, trying to get our new year's homeowner's insurance in order, payment is due at the end of December but our bank paid it last week, before our taxes that are due now with a discount!
We had a nearly three hundred dollar increase and the insurance company did not give us any notice just a statement last week for the new amount, not even the breakdown, and when called they said that it would be sent by tomorrow meaning the next day last week we would be receiving the new declaration, by Friday I called them since we had not received it and I asked them to email it to me and they did, and I saw online where our bank paid them the day before, crazy!
I called our insurance agent with State Farm for a renegotiation of pricing and to try to find us a better more reasonable coverage, by lowering the way out of kilter on the pricing of our rebuild!
They got back to us the same day stating all of the fifteen companies that they deal with came in higher than Tower Hill, ours!
So now we are trying another agent that Hubby and I use for the boat and car, but now underwrites homeowners. His son joined the business and we got him on the phone and he said he would see what he could do. We emailed him what we already have and said that the rebuild on this house is not realistic. After all we have built, rebuilt, renovated homes for over forty years, and we do know what things cost, since we are constantly continuing those tweaks even today. Home Depot and Lowes are our homes away from homes, ha!
Any-who, Hubby's job was to get a copy of the wind mitigation form from the bank, but after an hour and half of being placed on hold they said that they only have the page with the wind mitigation discount declared on the declaration page that we have too!
We need the original one, and will have to try to get it from State Farm tomorrow or Tower Hill.

And then, I verified my continuance with my current Medicare coverage as well as my supplemental of AARP United Healthcare F plan, that too is going up, but only by two dollars a month. Geez, now that is something we can deal with, really! I also have Humana RX  for an additional about twenty dollars a month, but worth every penny with my Copaxone @  nearly 6k a month, along with part AB ad D in the Medicare, zero co-pays love it!

Laundry was done too today, busy I suppose.
Meals were eaten from leftovers, thankfully easier that way.

Another ordinary day in our lives, hopefully we will have many more.
Not with insurance increases, but with more commonplace happenings.
Who knows... things could get nasty in the next few months.
Let's all hope not!
Definite fear of the unknown is afoot!
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