Arcadia Florida

Today we traveled the whole twenty-five miles into Arcadia for Gus's yearly shots, blood work etc., grooming and putting him out. Yes, you heard that right in order to do all of the above they have to knock him completely out! And this time it took hours for it to work even with enough medication to put out a seventy pound dog and he is less than twenty-eight!
His blood work was fine, all of it so no abnormalities to explain his behavior.
Although, blood work doesn't show everything, x-rays could but so far they did not see the reasoning for them no indication of tumors anywhere, in other words no BRAIN tumor.
His personality flaw of turning into Cujo when poked and prodded by groomers or doctors I suppose will go unanswered that much longer.

While our little darling, split personality incorrigible child was getting his beauty and health treatments Hubby and I went off to peruse the antique shops there, nothing screamed to go home with us so we left as we came, empty handed.
We had been told it would take about two hours for the whole shebang for Gus, so we headed back after an hour and a half. And to our surprise they had not begun, since he would not go down!
Thus the additional wait time from starting at one P.M. to nearly four thirty!

All I know is that they were not happy with him and neither were we, although Hubby defends his behavior more than I.
Telling people that he must have been abused while a street urchin on the wilds of Naples Florida streets, huh? That is where Animal Control picked him up.
I suppose Hubby has a better report with him than I, since Gus must speak his most upsetting past experiences with dear ole Dad.
All kidding aside he does like his Dad better than me.
Whenever Hubby goes out  and I am still home he pines for him staring out the front window, and I tell him that I am still here, and he ignores me as if he is deaf; what am I chopped liver, really?????
It is true that he has bitten both of us, me twice more than Hubby.
Guess that tells it all.
And that makes me very sad.
I had hoped for a more cuddling type doggy like all our others.
Any-who, Hubby loves him and so he is loved.

Rough week.
Too many upsets.
So everything seems amplified at times.
Good night, sleep tight friends.

PS I did have three days of PT this past week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and it appears that is how it will be next week too, as well as my updated blood work for the hematologist all this week including Hubby's birthday Thursday, busy.


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