Other than verbal political jousting, the day has been...

...not that profound.
Things have come to light though...and ...
I have found that I am very capable of choosing Facebook friends that have the like mindedness as myself as well as having some that do not.
On any given day a very interesting mix, or syntax of combining the two, but with verbose resulting in written fireworks!
But some can be scary as sleeper cells that it takes years for their explosive personalities to be added to the forefront of conversations or discussion forums and for that I realized my choices somehow should be more selective in the friends department.
Although, the dichotomy of it all is that a truism for myself is that I seemed to have become more tolerant of people who do not always agree with me, and for that I am somewhat baffled but truly believe it isn't such a bad thing.
I am no different than the many who prefer people who agree with them.
Really though, who needs yes men or women in their lives all of the time.
Different ideas and reasons for them open up our own minds somewhat if we allow.
But our right or wrong ingrained teachings seem to be narrowing the framings for our own justifications of figuring out how we perceive things that have been presented to us.
Knowing those perimeters according to our best judgment is why we all feel that our beliefs are right and should be considered genuine and the true answers to the problem solving in life.
That said, I was exhilarated by the stubbornness from both sides holding their own, including myself.
We all give lip service to the fact in America we have the freedom to speak and say what we feel as long as we cause no one else harm, but listening to one another is a whole other ball game!
Emotionally, we are all adults in these conversations, but at times fall into childishness while trying to backup our reasoning.
Gosh I do love a great debate.
I was only in one in high school and our side won, believe it or not it was about smoking and my side was for... today that would be considered an enormous faux pas. I think it was some sort of one time deal experiment that is why we had no more or it could have been the topic causing reconsideration.
Knowing your topic is extremely important to backup your statements.
Emotions should never come into play.
Although, with any election like we just had that was considerably unique for all time I do believe that is what actually triggers these not too accurate but emotional outbursts from both sides.
We do seem to be media bitches, all of us!
Yes, we read, we listen and we see with our own eyes, but then those voices of others interpret what we see and hear, interesting, and just another thought to leave us all with.
Okay grammar police I ended with a preposition, na,na,na, na na!
Good night sleep tight, and I am set for awhile with my heart pumping and blood rushing all over me! In other words friends I am good and do not care to verbally joust for at least four more... days, you thought I was going to say years...gotcha!

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