People are not happy!

Of course none of us Hillary voters are.
Many are taking to the streets to express these feelings, mostly nonviolently, but some are with nerves frayed getting too angry to control their behavior and losing it.
Why even Hubby and I have been angry and upset with oddly each other and we are on the same team.
Our last nerves are also withering.
Fear of the unknown of what actual promises will come about from the eventual president, now just president elect Donny.
I tried writing Donny all in lower case, but this darn spell check changed it!
I felt I would start giving him as little respect as he will be giving to my kind and others of other minorities.
DJ; it did it again and so I tried his first two initials and that worked, familiarity breeds contempt and what if without true familiarity does that do when contempt already exists?
Just a thought.
Makes me feel better to be able to express my feelings.
We all should as nonviolently as we can.
An outlet.
Like drawing ugly pictures, or writing in a diary, or going to a protest gathering, whatever makes one feel they are doing something!
I totally agree.
Since the hubs of outright outrage sadly are miles from our home I must use my own ways in handling this horrible living nightmare that no one could imagine ever happening!  
Shock was my friend due to numbness, but then anger, and truly folks I hope that acceptance that I tried last night will never be the case.
He is too evil and has a split personality, one minute he is blaming the media in a Tweet, again, for the uproar and in the next he his commending people for expressing their unrest and says we should all try to work together, huh?
Kumbaya my friend (s), what's with that?
He's still unfit in my opinion.
And all the people who voted for him due to him not being part of the Washington D.C. same as usual, he's rehiring many of their screw ups for his cabinet!
Oh Yeah!
Watch out all of you voters of the non-insider, watch as his lies of promises will not be fulfilled!
Oh my all you lovers of his bigoted chants.
He already knows he cannot build the wall!
Even with a republican senate and house he won't be able to get all his ridiculous promises passed!
Many of the GOP denounced him during his campaign and some are knowing that too many of his ideas are INSANE!
And he is NO CRAZY EDDY!
Or is that just what he is.
All the above is my opinion and mine alone, or not!
Stay tuned for more nightly rants, since they feel so good!

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