Moving on...

And so it is done!
My bronze peace and serenity sitting Buddha is on his way too!
If all else fails after my next goto release of my anxiety will be handled in the New Year hopefully by medicinal marijuana!
And you?
What will you be doing?
Change the way you view what we have no ability to do anything about for the next four years?
What's your plan?
And even then who knows if it will be in our control even then?
We thought we had all the power this time, but alas not.
What could we have done differently?
Maybe that is the question.
Blame is not the answer, but why is a very good question.
Perhaps there is no answer, or there could be.
Can we block any presumed, suggested changes that were said during the campaign?
If so, how?
Again look above.
If no way then, look above.
On this page not that above, ha!
"Shock and awe" has a different meaning now.
Leaving you for tonight with more questions than answers...HELP! 
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