Described where I have been most of today as many other Hillary supporters, worse for her of course.
Perfect description: after all doldrums means blues bafflement quandary!
Yep the doldrums.
But that is not very helpful.
I thought at first I would price housing in Canada, after all that was something logical and practical to do.
But nah, I like our little enough home and it is nearly just right after eighteen years of tweaking.
So I searched my soul for answers and without much thought and put my feelings out there on Facebook and was surprised most agreed, thanks pals!
Next I had my sleep apnea doctor follow-up appointment today and it was a mini disaster in my mind. Only two handicap parking spots at his North Port office at least it wasn't as far/long as Venice, both taken and we need the larger space to get my ride out.
Fortunately, Hubby found a space without another car parked next to it so I was able to get out okay, but when we came out a car was parked in the spot so Hubby had to move the van into the now one open handicap spot, more complicated than it should be.
Then when the doctor finally saw me forty-five minutes after my scheduled appointment and we were told to bring the computer card from the CPAP machine, it was a must, he said that he didn't need it.
He also was wondering why I was still in my motorized wheelchair, huh?
Does MS, Secondary Progressive go away when someone loses nearly twenty five pounds in three weeks?
He is a doctor who said he worked with MS patients, and when he realized that I have SP he said oh okay?
Also he hadn't noticed my weight loss.
I said I felt that I might not need the CPAP too much longer with my weight loss continuing, and reminded him that he had said I was borderline need when I was tested, and even wanted to know if I wanted to wait six months before deciding, until I mentioned the upcoming bariatric surgery he wasn't quite sure and then said oh then you need it, huh?
He said that was not what he said he said I definitely needed it and still do, huh?
He did not know if I fulfilled my obligation, and then saw it on his computer that I had, I suppose to Medicare?
Anyway, he said that he would see me in six to eight months and then decide if I need it or not.
He was wondering why I hadn't used it for  a few days and I explained due to coughing from getting sick from a nurse in the hospital.
He said we don't have to mention that, huh?
Suspicious behavior, and with me cheating on my pulmonologist that I wanted to transfer all this to him who is also a sleep specialist and I have been seeing him longer and he is in my town, but I had been told by my surgeon I had to use his team, huh.
All somewhat convoluted.
Sometimes I feel like I joined a weird medical cult.
He demands I be there at all his appointments even when last minute!
I already set him once straight with my Copaxone delivery, and with being in PT and all these other doctors wanting a piece of me too!
Best thing that has happened in the last day is that medical marijuana passed by 71% it needed only 60%, it fell short only by 58% back in 2014, so it was looking more promising.
And I am tempted to try it, if I can find out how to go about asking without sounded like a, I don't know what????
I have MS and it is acceptable for us with it.
So some good did come of the election.
As well as this a must read below, truly!
Helping myself with an attitude adjustment.

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