In an hour the polls close here in Florida!

With over 5,800 polling places in Florida and having half the state voting early, most all places had no glitches!


Looks as if in spite of the contentious twenty months of political volleys and nasty innuendos, and more horrific actual hatred angry statements of minorities and the vote will be decided with little if none at all interference, another YAY please!
Hopefully, true common sense will prevail!

Are you ready?
Not to rumble.
Lets hope not anyway.
I mean to watch the nonstop coverage?
I am actually hyped to see just whose predictions will be accurate.
And how the opponent will handle it all, the final outcome?

Moving on...

Today I had PT early, and my blood pressure was very low 95/51 and this with only half of my Lisinipril 2.5 mg.; I suppose I will have to go off it entirely, no problem here.
I was able to do five minutes on a piece of equipment that you sit on but like an elliptical one that you stand on, I liked it!
I did sitting exercises of marching while in my chair, as well as kicking up, but not too high, and the like.

After we went over to our new Vietnam War Memorial at Lashley Park, just over the bridge in Punta Gorda, it is a miniature of the one in Washington D.C. the park looks lovely.
In the same venue is the CrabHouse restaurant and so we read the menu to see if they had soup and they did so we decided to try them for my first eat out outing.
Oh we had eaten there before, quite a few times actually, but not with my new tummy.
Hubby had the Grouper Reuben and I had the tomato basil soup with crab.
Hubby suggested I order the bowl, not the cup.
I was concerned due to my meager ability to eat too much at a sitting, but he said so we will take it home, sure I said, okay!
As I thought I ate very little and we took the rest home and I ate the rest in two additional increments, hours apart.
We both had iced water.

Now  I will let you get back to your viewing pleasures!
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