PT too late for me

The appointment was for 12:45 P.M. that is my worst time of day.
Next week many sessions are scheduled for 9:30 A.M.; Hubby agreed to those times since we are only about a mile and half from there, so fifteen minutes in traffic!
Yesterday, it took to get to my internist's office that is 5.5 miles away, and it took a solid half an hour to get there, all due to traffic!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....
That is the Snowbirds!
Actually, they never left we have been told!
Many are moving here permanently; perhaps you heard where we are the third most populace state, beating out New York  with a tally of twenty million plus and rising; thus our additional electorate votes too!
Not that we needed more to be a toss up state.
We have been considered one for years.
And the candidates are neck and neck here.
This could be the truest truism of winning by just one vote, yours!
So do it! VOTE!
But reconsider moving to Florida, oh the weather is still mostly fine, gorgeous, but the traffic rivals many large cities with annoyances and horrifically road rage throughout the state!

Where else does it take an hour an half to go 26 miles, or a half an hour for five point five miles, or fifteen minutes for less than two?
I hear you all saying many, not really since I cannot hear you, but I can imagine you saying that easily enough.
Sure, but most will claim those discrepancies of logical time treks in city and outskirts' of hubs; not here in Hooterville!
Sorry, I do love my home for over two decades of being here in Charlotte County, less than one decade was on the other coast, which is much, much, worse traffic wise!

So if you own a winter haven here, good for you!
But might I make a ridiculous suggestion?
Wait to arrive here until you are really, really are sure that the weather will be dreadful in your northern country...PLEASE!
I know it is just a silly delay. but it might give some Floridian people here all year long time to adjust their schedules accordingly.
Not just stores or amusements beaches fairs etc., but doctors and hospitals seem to be under your sightseeing ideas concepts, what's with that; or at least all the lines appear to be longer there too!
Get sick at your other home, up north!
Geez, that was mean spirited, forgive.
But we need these health care workers to not be overworked when they care for us locals, oops forgive again!
We have become a bit protective, but we do know we need you all to come here.
Your spending helps to keep our taxes lower, and thanks for that! Oops again, I let another cat out of the bag!
All in all, in closing we love you, but be kind and leave your hurry up and wait attitudes back where you came from, Whoa wait that should be for you to accept our slomo manna attitude that many find endearing.
Way to sell it Tobi, hush!

All kidding aside, it is a great place to live and the rules are different here, and whenever they finish the roadways, building etc.'ll love it too and maybe I will be long gone by then, or not!

Have a great evening, and enjoy it wherever you are, really!
Big smile inserted here.

Fear for the upcoming election is a night in a replay of the 2000 election Gore vs. Bush, which took months to resolve all due to hanging chads and other nonsenses, uh oh, sure hope not, I'll be watching will you?
VOTE, you could be the ONE, tenth, thousandths, or ten thousandths etc. to make the difference!
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