Late afternoon doctor visit

Apparently,  my worries about healing were for naught.
Everything looks fine, according to Dr. Nord.
My blood pressure was great at 118/70 and oxygen was 95, both within normal range.
Neither explaining my dizziness, perhaps my good ole, not really, Ataxia.
Or as the doctor suggested that my blood pressure might be too low for me.
My Lisinopril at only 5 mg. could be stopped or halved, since there is indentation in them.
I guess I will try first thing tomorrow, since we do have our own automatic BP cuff tester here at home, and I was told to test at home.
Purchased the BP cuff at Walmart ten years ago when first diagnosed and at the time put on three medications at the time including a higher dosage of the Lisinopril. Handy for Hubby when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure too a few years later.
It wasn't expensive either, around twenty bucks then and has well been worth it over these many years.    

So all is good and once I figure out how to eat what I am allowed it will get easier.
Meanwhile I am proud to announce that since surgery I have lost 22.2 lbs., in just a day over two weeks!

Tired now.
Congrats Cubs!
See ya, to you all tomorrow...
Good night!
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