Back at PT again!

And the same experience was had but elongated to forty-five minutes, minus a few.
Not a whole forty-five, but packed full of putting me through the paces.
Still at eleven A.M. I am right there in my weakness zone.
All in All I did proceed with my walker with my motorized wheeled chair right behind me, maneuvered by an office worker, my rest stops were two if I recall.
And this time the safety strap was placed across my breasts, not my tummy which had its healing incisions redden up by the one across them yesterday.
Although, I thought the strap was more centered, but when I got home I was bloodied and irritated, odd.
I too could have sworn the strap was not touching them, there are still three of the four raw meat looking patches left where the paper STERIS traps have fallen off all but one is still there where my bra hits between my boobies.
The three of the four incisions looked as if healed, but irritated around them, over them too.
I will be seeing my internist this week and maybe she will take a look at them, I will have to ask.
I'm not scheduled to see the surgeon for over two more weeks.
My other odd issue is my left arm that is still lightly sporadically black in three spots, almost as if burned, dash like spots, not blue and sore with numbness.
Of course my tummy is both black and blue after two weeks, and there is one nasty bruise on the inside of my right knee; from where that came from who knows?
 I just put myself back on the Nexium, it was a hospital nurse who suggested I go off it not any doctors.
My recent burning sensation, put this wimp in a nasty pain zone internally, in spite of the Pepcid and Gallstone medication.
Today was the beginning of puréed foods, and so I chose a scrambled egg and a turkey sausage, and they weren't kidding when they said you can fit only a few teaspoons worth!
I was too anxious and as I feared I overdid, and regurgitated the surplus...never thought bulimia was in my future, ha, not funny!
And so after PT we had lunch at home, and even my peaches and low fat cottage cheese were rented, as the expressions later I tried Greek yogurt, and that stayed, and so by dinner I was ready for a little sweet potato and spinach and turkey all cooked and puréed, and all on loan again.
It is so hard to judge quantities, an enormous learning curve, believe me when I say I had tiny teaspoonful's.
But I have no choice.
Good news though on the actual weight loss front I have now lost twenty pounds to date, two weeks post surgery!
Liquids are my friend, although having been a person that always travels with some form, of liquids, water or club soda, now flat club, but I have not been as thirsty.
I gotta watch that due to my recently too often dizziness that could be attributed to dehydration and my skin has tattled on me with that all telling pinch test with my skin clinging to itself as per PT checking.
The other way is too dark urine but I take B complex and 12 and that also darkens your urine, so not so tried and true.

Got a lot to take care of and figure out.
A great distraction from the election, and that makes me very happy that Hubby and I both voted via mail early, weeks ago, done and done!

On that note of being responsible as you all should be too, that I am sure you are, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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