Handicap hassles that annoy

I suppose I need a-take-along Buddha, since today was just one annoyance after another.
People, whether you're next to a vehicle that is marked with a hanging down placard or a special license plate like we have now for the last year, please be more aware who you park alongside of in a no lined dirt grassy Farmer's Market parking lot or anywhere for that matter!
We decided to go just to look and enjoy, the crafts, the farm fresh produce,  compare gardening notes with the plant/ tree people, try sample tasting of some things, enjoy the music and all the cute, so well behaved doggies in their strollers!
And that was all that we did and when we went to get back into our car and an out of state persons truck was parked less than a foot from our driver's side door!
Even skinny Hubby had to squeeze so as not to hit ours or their car door, and the nastiness of it all was they had six feet at least on their other side, so you know darn well their was no car parked there before!
One of the suspects was even still sitting in the car when we arrived back there, but did not even attempt to offer to move it while Hubby loudly complained and struggled to get in!
Fortunately, Hubby had parked on an end spot with no one behind us so me and my ride were able to get back in, and so I guess technically it wasn't a handicap parking issue, although an annoyance just the same!
Next one was... we drove over to Fishville, lovingly the nick name for our Fisherman's Village that all localism, also to look around and admire their lights and decorations and grab some lunch at our old stomping ground the Fish Market restaurant. It took fifteen minutes of going around and around to find a handicap spot, nothing new there especially on a holiday weekend with snowbirds all back, rather quick actually!
The problem was later, after lunch when I had to use the ladies room, now don't get all squirrely on me folks its not going to be about that, bodily fluids or what have you oh no, just inconsiderate people! I was waiting my turn, there they keep the main door open for people like me that is fine since the Ladies facility is around the corner and doors hide anything if there were anything to see... anyway, as I said the handicap stall the only one was occupied and I understood I couldn't be the only person there needing it, but I was quite surprised and angry when to my inside screams that did not escape me, but I felt bubbling up when a quite able woman came out with her dog, also very able!
 I said something glib, like I did not realize that dogs needed to use handicap bathrooms or some such thing, I might of in my bewilderment said I did not know dogs were handicapped, but that's not true, they lose limbs have wheel chairs and can be blind and so many other things that people have too! But again hers was fine, and nearly jumped from the room!
Sure dogs are allowed and welcomed at/in Fishville, and I am more than sure her pup and her could have fit in a normal stall together since I suppose she did not have anyone to watch him/her while she went...and the doggy was smaller than Gus and he is not very big! I'm upset, because I have not as much physical control over my bodily functions, sorry for you squeamish souls, oops, I did promise, as I once had and in spite of that I set my brain to wait mode, feeling whomever was in there might be in the same or similar situation.
They were not!
Oh when I did get in there the handicap toilet with the extra room to turn my ride around, those little paper covers to protect you from all who have used the seat before you for sanitary reasons was placed at a height that even my old standing easily self could not reach, over six feet easily!
TP does the job when necessary. They mostly these days have sinks in the doored off partitions usually, but not this one, and when I tried to get out to the outer sinks they were all in use and blocked by clean freaks like myself!
Fortunately, I keep Purell in my purse, but I left that with Hubby! So I rushed out to him and used it while out in the traffic of many people with the same reasoning of being there, a very nice place to shop, eat and admire the decorations and one million lights, and visit Santa, yep here early!
I bet you thought that was all, oh no there was one more!
Not any bother to either of us really, but just an oddity of why?
A woman sitting in a car opposite ours also a handicap spot was sitting all by herself appearing to be reading or waiting perhaps for a handicapped friend or relative in Publix, that was our last stop before home. We had been in the grocery about an hour and there she was still sitting all alone when we came out!
Hubby and I must have been talking rather loudly after he got me into the car but still had the groceries and my ride to get in so with doors were all open and us wondering as we talked out loud, she left, all by herself!
We did think it was rather rude to sit there if she did not need the space to get out closer to the store and was handicap, guess we will never know why she took up the spot while others had to wait.

Consideration folks!
I get the most angry when I see people jog from their cars after hanging and adjusting their handicap placards!
Be kind, think with your mind!
I know rewind does rhyme, but really does it work for this?
Okie Dokie, then rewind your mind and be kind!
I like it, do you?

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