Gilmore Girls reboot is...

...too short, there were only FOUR episodes with a ginormous cliffhanger statement!
Maybe it will come back...if only!
How dare they do that?!
Still worth seeing all four for any others of you die hard fans out there!

Moving on...

The day was rather a toss up on what to do, so we chose for Hubby to fix the one shed door that was sticking.
And I chose to play doctor without a degree again.
Labcorp in all their brilliance now allow its test patients to access their own medical records, blood work, what are they crazy?????
Without benefit of degreed medical interpreters?????
Oh yes!
And so with my trustee little technological notebook with Google at my fingertips I went on and on diagnosing each and every one of my follow-up not right/not normal results of my blood tests!
Lupus Anticoagulant panel, that has not too much to do with the disease of Lupus, but it can, and more to do with your clotting ability!
Yep, that is right, confusing, but true.
Thus my two reasons I have a blood filter that was surgically installed prior to surgery and I had thirty days worth of anti-coagulant injections too!
My first test way back in August determined that and that is why I was also given the phone number and told to contact a hematologist for an appointment who I did see and she is the one who actually prescribed the injections of anti-coagulants for thirty days that I finished today, yep a Saturday and no docs available till Monday! I will go back on my aspirin tomorrow night to be safe.
Since my blood work was done twelve weeks later, to make sure it was not a false positive, well I guess not.... it now shows my numbers that were indicators initially are now even higher in the too high category Alex, especially my platelets at more than double of the initial test that was too high, which from what I read is not good at all!
The cure if what I read is true is nada, nil, bupkis, not-a-thing!
All you can do is leave that damn filter in forever and continue with those anti-coagulation injections, ugh! So maintenance, not a cure.
I tried calling the doctor's office yesterday, the hematologist on Friday, but they were closed, but darn Labcorp wasn't that is how I got it online in one of those medical portals they all have now for easy access! Talk about curiosity killing the cat, people are also in possible jeopardy!
Like my two Jeopardy references, hmm?

Any-who, I did try hard not to pay attention to the cancer indications also with high platelets, since I already know I have a clotting issue, and I hope that is all.
But dare I go there, my bone pain, my numbness, my blurry eyesight all could be symptoms other than my MS!

Nah... I will wait and hope that the hematologist will also have my test results by Monday.
My Drvvt ratio was also high as well as my Drvvt Screen seconds is even higher than last time!
Calm down me.
Self talk, again.

I suppose I better be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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