Ate too much!

Still not sure on how much. Truthfully it was a very small corner of a piece of Tilapia mushed and a teensy of sweet potato mashed, and two baby carrots smushed, and again I only rented them.
They came out, or maybe it was my medication after?
Either way I feel wasted.
And it also feels as if I have something caught in my throat and esophagus halfway...
Not a good feeling at all.
It is as if I am being punished for enjoying my food all those years...who am I kidding the one problem that no bariatric surgery can fix is how fast you eat, and OOPS I DID IT AGAIN, LIKE A SWOOSH! As if someone was trying to steal it, but nobody was.
Gotta retrain my brain.
From eating on the go when I worked, from Mommy-hood and babies waking, always for some reason that I felt I had to take care others so I ate quickly.
Excuses, I suppose, but years of conditioned needs to be deconditioned. 

Meanwhile, this will be short since I feel the need to give into my inner gagging ...SORRY!
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