Seriously lost 16 lbs. in ten days, yay!

This extreme weight loss project appears to be working!
The bariatric gastric sleeve.
Still on what is referred to as a liquid diet, but includes soup and decaf, as well as sugar free fat free JELLO and puddings, as well as my protein shakes. Purees start next Wednesday, YAY!
The key is high protein and low carbs.
I even lost eleven pounds prior to surgery on that above diet, but was horrified to find out I gained back seven LBS. after, all until I was reassured it was only due to swelling, and IVs I was very worried!
Then at home the first day I had lost all that plus more, just yesterday, and today a pound and a half more.
So at this rate I could meet my goal of thee ole me, very soon, yay!
Let's get this straight for all of you out there who think to go this route without trying the norm of diet and exercise, don't.
Unless you too have for ten years or too many years to think this is an easy out... it is major surgery, although laparoscopic.
Still four, make that five holes in my abdomen staples in four to hold them close and the fifth had been where my drain had been, without staples but for three days a drain similar in size to a hand grenade but clear plastic.

Today, I had my staples removed and was asked about pain meds, none for me since post hospital for three days with that pump gizmo, a week ago!
I switched to ice packs, and with my mostly numb tummy from my Multiple sclerosis everyone was amazed I was pain free! Huh, I am numb, why do most not get that?
No slight of hands or tricks at all just my usual nummies!
Also, my bariatric doc was concerned because I was written up as a fall risk and could not understand how I was out of PT so soon.
Simple I have been a "fall risk" since 2009, nothing new there, and I dazzled, okay they used the word impressive, my OT and PT people with what I could do, that's all!
It seems the MS factor had been forgotten with this whole procedure.
No one listened when I said I am numb in my tummy, thighs, and tushy, arms are getting there; great for my Copaxone shots and apparently for bariatric surgery!
Again folks this was not done for me to miraculously run a marathon, but to get me off meds like, blood pressure, cholesterol, GERD, thyroid, get rid of the CPAP for sleep apnea, and fear of type 2 diabetes which has been hovering for seven years in that pre form.
And I am proud to say my GERD medication is gone, next will be my blood pressure, since it has been very low with the smaller amount I have been on for the last couple of years, who knows what will be next but I am hopeful.
And it's not a money thing since all that crap is covered by insurance, it's the principle of the thing, nah the reasoning of too much legal junk in the bod, ya know?
Not that I am one of those don't touch my "temple" types, truthfully its been years since I went, bud, dump bum...but seriously folks who needs for all of that stuff with me being more selective and tweaking what's really needed is how I am trying hard to be overall better, as good as I can get!
You too I am more than sure.
Edit, edit, edit!
So many things in life.
They tried a couple of new meds and I nixed all but two due to logical practical need, the triglyceride one, mine have been unhealthily high for way too long so I accepted this trial, but the narcolepsy/jet lag one just made me more hyper, even my PT commented, so nixed, and also the nausea med, because I am not, but the preventative gallstone one was approved of to begin on the pureed diet and beyond, for life I have been told.

More daily news filled.
The weekend is coming and although a lot is going on we need to chill, Hubby's reaction to that virus went into his GI track and so he is resting somewhat while waiting on me. I do try, folded some clothes made him real coffee today, did some dishes, trying...
While he drove us to Venice for my appointment and has delivered all of my meals.
Sharing, not evenly, but who's counting really!

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night  and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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