Nothing exciting

Quietness and sheer boredom prevailed today.
Except my extreme tiredness.
Normal thigh pain of burning and twisting, but earlier than usual.
Ice packs not cutting it, but thankfully sporadic.
Odd day of continuing stretching exercises in bed.
Toes, feet wiggled, tightened buttocks, arm reaches and rotate.
Still have those weird fingertip staccato spasms, especially when using touch screens.
They cause words to be misspelled, ha.
Living in a parallel universe, ha, as in a science fiction TV show.
Did start to watch one though, a not too new one, Roswell.
I have run out of my idea of fun ones.
Anyone out there have any suggestions for Netflix streaming?
But the way I have been going I might have already watched all of  its seasons.
No harm no foul though still open to all suggestions.

Something to be said for same ole same ole, comforting in a familiar way.
Soon we will be going out to enjoy what Southwest Florida has to offer for the fall and winters here, they are abundant with things to do.
This coming week I hope to get in a haircut; bangs are hanging too low, over the eyebrows, need neatness and the attention of a stylist!
A girl feels so good after, ya know?
Too bad no out to eat for about another three months minus eleven days, ha!
A social event was how we did enjoy that, shopping too.
While in the hospital though possibilities for fun went through my mind, once well to join a choral group, good for the lungs and I had belonged to one for seven years as a child, fifth through eleventh grades, and find a writer's workshop, and get my post bariatric surgery support group started.
All worthy ideas, and also was going to see what the local college has to offer seniors of sixty-five in the way of classes, since the courses can be audited for free!

All worthwhile concepts and so I will investigate.
Once I get a handle on all these necessary doctors' appointments.

Meanwhile, I will try harder to feel better more often than not...(Ridiculous! Not up to me, wish it was...)

On that note or multiple possibilities allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and kindly count all of your blessings and share all of those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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