Doctor called, yep himself!

First he accused me of harassing his staff???????????????
I caught him right away with that ridiculous accusation!
He had insisted that after my surgery was over that I agreed to come to every appointment.
Sure, but I did not have one for today prearranged and I was nearly out of my monthly delivered six thousand dollar, insurance pays for it, but for emphasis it wasn't necessary to add, MS medication that has to be signed for as well as refrigerated, and the signing was initiated when UPS delivered it a while back to a neighbor who had no idea what to do with it!
And it was decided two weeks ago for todays delivery and at the time I was not told I would definitely being going into PT rehab after surgery Friday, nope, it was NOT definite!
He claimed it was.
Hubby was there and said no it wasn't either.
Meanwhile, he did apologize for the "harassment" comment. I held my temper and just had said it was way too harsh, and I  asked if that is what his people said? He said no, it was his word.
I never got into the 24/7 availability question or why his coordinator never calls back when she says, "I will call you back"!
Anyway, I have two appointments now, one for having my staples out, tomorrow with his nurse Mary, and his PA Andrea, and then in three weeks to see him.
He has surgery tomorrow and Monday and then a medical conference in New Orleans, poor dear.
I told him we were there just last year and to take a break to enjoy himself, he deserved it.

Meanwhile Hubby and I have some type of viral nasty going on that we caught in the hospital.
He is taking Coricidin HBP, cold medication safe for high blood pressure.
And since I am on too much medication, pureed chicken soup, Vicks vapor rub with vaporizer and on my nose and chest i.e. Vicks, also my CPAP with breathing issues, as well as my Simply Saline to cleanse my nostrils, and my Anoro Ellipta for my asthma was helpful this morning, it does seem respiratory. In  the hospital my oxygen levels were going up and down and so I had oxygen available to use as well as two medication respiratory treatments by the respiration therapist.

The day here was one of being in bed for me, and Hubby in his easy chair since Gus, our rescue Havanese Shitzu mix, demands his attention, 24/7 and yes that is accurate, ha!
Gus does have his own bed in our bedroom on the floor on Hubby's side, but that is for nighttime.
My side has too many rolling type equipment, so rather dangerous for him.
Oddly enough, when Hubby lowered (it amounted to a total of eight inches) our king-sized bed by removing the box springs, yes two twins is what they seem to use with king mattresses, at least as long as we had moved up from our queen back in 1987.
Now at only twenty-two inches from thirty it appears a bit too low, even for a shorty like me, but oddly enough Gus has not tried to jump up on it, hmm?
My concern was his issue with being disturbed and viscous when awoken and also being his delayed grooming, not by us but the groomer due to their open house when originally scheduled, see I am flexible with times, on his grooming and needing it bad, and my tummy still slightly sore, but not to the point of pain meds, none since last Friday on the machine! None of that crap otherwise known as hydrocodone,that we filled prior to surgery when warned it would be very painful after, but I must be pretty tough since I haven't had an issue.

With the box springs too high, and now too low, oh well...
Maybe, eventually I will not have a stretchy tummy problem eventually and the bed could go back together or Hubby could make us the platform one I showed him online with the drawers underneath! He has been able to make things I showed him before, great guy!

We seem to be caught up now, and I am breathing okay, I did have an incident where I thought I was choking today, thus my reasoning for the CPAP during the day and it worked.
It's the contraption for sleep apnea, which is supposed to be gone for good soon too...waiting.

On this note of it is what it is allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of  your blessings and share all of  your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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