My Venice surgeon proudly added in a flyer stating that he is available 24/7 that had been enclosed in his "package" prior to my surgery, but I have called four times tonight and no answer not even a service or recording!
When leaving my local hospital I was given the list of my doctors that I should contact for follow-up appointments and they were:
My internist for a new triglyceride med I was given in the hospital with only a thirty day supply.
My bariatric surgical doc for a follow-up post surgery, but when called they had only two choices for me tomorrow and I said no due to my Copaxone being delivered and it is refrigerated and must be signed for and was ordered nearly two weeks ago and I am almost out, or eight A.M. on Monday to Venice, I think not! Hubby will not get up at six to leave at seven and they even knew that. I was told that she would call back, but when she hadn't I did, thus my questioning of, why no one was answering there and still isn't, since I just tried again?
My hematologist, who we had already made an appointment with next month so she was not called again.
And lastly, my neurologist just because they always seem to add him into my loop, and yes I will call after these others are decided.
My general surgeon for the blood filter was not mentioned, but I do have another office visit set with him in less than a week, prior to my sixty days till removal that begun the countdown on October fourteenth!

Hubby and I and my last roommate at the last hospital all have identical coughs, so it can't be a coincidence.
Nasal drip and a bronchial horrid cough with sore throat appears to be the symptoms!
My low grade fever is back and very slightly higher, 100.2.
 I had told the bariatric surgical doc's office that I was very tired when I had spoken to their "coordinator", Leslie, earlier today, who had said she would call back, still waiting, well not really since I have tried them four times now!

Perhaps, 24/7 doesn't mean what it used to?
I don't know maybe their clocks are set differently than ours?
Okay, or they meant only certain 24/7's in the week, only known to them?
Like 24/7, Monday through Tuesday, but not Wednesday through Thursday, and then again on Friday through Saturday, but not Sunday, just every other? See with alternating Sundays it does tally out sevens...
Or a code meaning something entirely different?

Any-who, I suppose I have all day tomorrow to figure it out and call them again and try hard not to be sarcastic or snide while trying hard to get to the bottom of this!
Two reasons I believe that we could not come to a meeting of the minds beside the ones I mentioned in my mind and Hubby's it seemed silly to go up there now when I have to wait ten to fourteen days to get those twenty somewhat shiny staples out of my tummy! Today it was eight since the nineteenth, right? Two more would be Friday for ten or Tuesday for fourteen. Although, Leslie said the doctor would be going on vacation that is why. Am I getting the bums rush, not fair!
I am his patient client customer and we are ALWAYS RIGHT! RIGHT?
Oh well, he seemed so nice, maybe I should wait till tomorrow to find out if I have misjudged him...or not!

We will see what we will see, I hope.

On that note of what, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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