Got a hair cut today!

Actually more than one, bud, dump, bum, and a hehe to you!
Went over to my latest and last salon, chop shop, Fan Sam's.
For those not in the know, Fantastic Sam's, got it?
All chains seem to get bad reps and it is true that some are really bad, but it depends on who is working there, hmm?
Snobs, as I was for a time when it came to whom would style my furry mostly golden occasionally curly locks, but then I got real, when prices went up when technique did not!
So I floundered for a while insisting individually owned hair salons were better, not always, just as discount chain salons were not all bad!
Finding the stylists who know their stuff is the answer and when you do "stick with them", is my motto that is unless they move on seeking higher status and more/better income, yep it happens.
I even felt for a time that department stores who maintained their own salons were all the rage for perfection in designing my locks, who knows...
Mostly they were used to fix whatever disastrous coloring concoction I had created, green and blue come to memory but back in the 1960's through the eighties before it was okay and stylish, my BIG mistakes.
My recent choice of continuing my relationship with Fan Sam's is due to my discovery of a young woman who understands what I want and does that, Kendra, for my last two visits anyway.
I do not go as often as many or perhaps more often than most.
My decision to get cropped is due to my bangs length, and that is when they start going below my brows when wet, not dry, but knowing that can soon evolve to that.
Sure I do know that Hubby would drive me if I were temporarily blinded by this fixable temporary beauty issue, but "why wait", is my motto! Gosh that makes two for my hair alone, LOL!
Any women will have to admit whether she pays $12 bucks, like mine or two hundred like many the luxuriousness of someone handling your outer crowning glory and creating something you desire to be your very best is a BIG comforting turn on!
Even without having the shampoo segment of the experience that I cannot have.
I go with my clean hair and they wet it down, all due to my cervical stenosis that could cause paralysis being bent against the hard porcelain tub, or even a stroke has been said to be caused, seriously!
The medical info came out while I worked with seniors nearly twenty years ago and was verified at that time and shared.
Any-who, I used to go with a wet head, but it is totally unnecessary since they all know now and are prepared to spray with water if you just tell them.
Being in my motorized wheel chair also has them asking me, in fact they even move their chair out and so I can pull up and have me park in their spot, so cool!
You might have read where I can use my walker once again, actually always have been able, but it's the muscular syncope that tends to make me collapse when I least expect it that is the main problem thus my need for the motorized wheel chair.

Anyway, from there we went into Winn Dixie in the same mall and yes I was so cool staring temptation down in its tracks, food friends, for you northerners Winn Dixie is a grocery store that has wonderful rotisserie turkey!
So in two more days when I get to eat pureed foods or baby-like foods we picked up some things to make my own smoothie type foods.
Sweet potatoes and frozen veggies, instant mashed potatoes, chicken, and chop meat as well on the list pulverized with my spinach, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower were the three we chose today, still have some broccoli left, and cherry tomatoes were chosen too to make my own sort of tomato sauce without harsh spices or too much salt, baby food quality, but homemade.
The turkey and chicken and chop meat as well as ham will all be on the diet as well as my already mashed up pears, apples and bananas come later on, too high in carbs, but berries, all, are okay, blue, straw, ras etc. Forgot to get some more; next trip.

Protein is still the most important part of the diet, thus all the meat.
Sorry for all the TMI, but this is how my days go...

On this note of well, yep working on it, ha, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and to share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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