Vice is defined as being someone of immoral behavior acting on bad judgment, correct Governor Pence.

But it also means the person who is next in rank to the original office such as president or admiral etc.! PS the above titled definition is not only in "The Bible" as you put it, but in every dictionary!
Unless you categorize all your constituents as imbeciles I do believe most of us Americans do know the difference Governor Pence! 
You are running in that capacity and that is the name of the position for all this time, and defined as I mentioned above in my first sentence of this composition!

Moving on...

Please be assured that much that we read on the internet can be defined as questionable.
That is why we must research and verify.
I did post two op-ed pieces today from reputable news issuers, and even so I was questioned
on their legitimacy.
Although, having studied journalism as well as having written for a local paper that is affiliated with the New York Times as well as being a blogger now for eight plus years I as all those professionals have been known to make mistakes.
But I have never been sued for those mistakes and hope never to be. 

That said now on to more important things dinner!
Hubby drove out to pick up ours at Cracker Barrel where the choices are plentiful.
I chose the healthy rainbow trout broiled with lemon pepper and three sides, all veggies, carrots, broccoli, and a green salad, see I can eat out/in.
Hubby chose roast beef with his version of veggies, ha, mashed potatoes and extra gravy, carrots and macaroni and cheese, see what I mean?
And he is the skinny healthy one!
And no it is not inherited since his whole family is obese!
And yes at five ten and half and one hundred forty-three pounds he is a good BMI, but thin!
Any-who, just stating facts, his brother and sister are both over two hundred pounds and his Mom was under at one eighty, but only four foot ten!
Sorry, everyone assumes he's thin because of them.
My parents were not obese!

Just had to get that out there.

The feeling of righting misinformation.

Part of the pre-op testing for the bariatric sleeve surgery is a mandatory psych evaluation, mine came today via email pdf:
I received a wonderful report from the psychologist, but he got several key points wrong as if he wasn't really listening. For instance my length of time I had quit smoking he said seven years and I am very proud that it's been ten, and also things like my Mom's and Brother's ages of deaths off by a year for each.
My employment too, all wrong, working for Lord and Taylor's till I retired, I worked for them early on in life forty-four years ago, until my eighth month of pregnancy, as a credit manager, with Number One Son who is now forty-four years old.
I was working there during college, when engaged, when married, until my eighth month of my first pregnancy, four years total, and then we moved over one hundred miles away!
I did so many other things after that besides owning three businesses.
Mostly worked for pay in managerial positions, even for an international company as a district manager with five of their stores driving 3k a month in state, and the most fun one in promotion, but even then I was called an entertainment manager.
Although, I volunteered for years about forty while working a good solid thirty-two.
Been to Europe, eight countries and to forty states all before getting married.
He made it all so condensed and inaccurate my accomplishments that I nearly wrote back, started to but thought better of it, after all he said I was mentally good to go for the surgery!
While we chatted he did tell me about his father's heart surgery and other personal info that I felt if possible he spoke more to me during that fifty minutes; that he had checked his watch to make sure we attained.
I do recall being more tolerant of him speaking therefor listening to him, on my dime, well Medicare's and AARPs, and for an instant a thought came to mind that perhaps I was the therapist instead of him.
For me it was a unique experience behaving so quietly, listening to this complete stranger tell me his personal information of his father.
I answered yes to the question he did asked if I had worked for Lord and Taylor, nothing more, he assumed that when I said I retired in 2008 that it was from there, it was not. I left there in April of 1972!
It was from pretty much everything else that I retired from in 2008, volunteering, writers group etc., due to being two years into my diagnosis of my MS, I had had it for years but it was confirmed in 2006, and my body was not doing well from then on.

I hope this suffices my desire to straighten this counselor out!(Self talk inserted here)
I do know that it helps me.
And no, I do not think I mentioned that I write a blog for over eight years, anyway I am pretty sure even if I had he wouldn't have heard me, ha!

On this note of why not feel the need to write what we think, sometimes no one gets hurt as here with that insight allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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