Stand up, sit down, kneel ... born here!

Yes! We are all Americans!
Questions, conversations, cyclical; same or similar topics over and over again.
I am older but not real old yet, one can only hope to get there, any-who as long as I can remember people wanted their voices heard, quietly protesting has been the most, make that the loudest and most polite form of doing that, stand-ins, sit-ins, write-ins, petitioning, and most recently kneel-ins, arms locked-ins.
I say whatever works for your concerns to peaceful be changed, go for it!   

FINALLY! Orange Frothy Haired Guy admits that our two term president voted into office by the majority of the Americans his people is one of them/ wait us! Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Crazy till the end nearly, bet he thought hey two months till our American folks vote might as well tell them the truth I was an ass on this issue too!

Nasty storm here and so I am cutting this short!
Good night TTYL!
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