There's a cure?

Let's get one thing very straight I am not having bariatric surgery to help me cure Multiple sclerosis.
My inability to walk or stand is not due to the weight.
It is due to now having the progressive form of an incurable disease, Secondary Progressive from Relapsing Remitting.
I wish that the surgery to help me lose weight would magically change it all, but all it's going to do is allow me to live longer by taking the weight off my inner organs!
That alone should be a good enough reason to do it and for me it is.

You see, in the old days I was a bicycler, swimmer, speed walker, dancer and gym rat.
None of those are possible to do anymore, and there is no reason to believe that the extreme loss of weight will allow for me to do any of them ever again.
Since I have ataxia from the MS, as well as heat is a big issue causing spasms, and muscular syncope also is attributed to the MS. I had gotten skin cancer and that has caused me to become sun shy as well.
So many reasons that I am unable to exercise, since I had tried over and over again and again!
My diet is healthy and has always been.
My weight gain was attributed to quitting smoking ten years ago and IV steroids, as well as other medications and not being able to exercise anymore.
And yes, it is true that many of those same meds will be taken due to need although the IV steroids have been determined to be harmful to me causing possible necrosis so I will avoid them at all costs!
The biggest weight gain though was from the quitting smoking, fifty pounds immediately!
The remainder I know was the other items mentioned.

Any-who, what brought this on one might ask.
Nah, but I am supposing a few have been, even if you had I still would not be able to hear you, ha!
So I had a conversation earlier today that made me think that still not too many people understand Multiple sclerosis when mistakenly some think that I believe that doing this major dangerous to me surgery would be to help me miraculously recover from this slight annoyance called Multiple sclerosis, well no! NO, a thousand times NO!
MS is a neurological disease that has no known cure to date.
Ignorance is not bliss folks and saying oh maybe you will be able to do this or this or this after the surgery is just uninformed!
It's like telling someone that just lost a loved one that you know just how they feel!
No you don't ! 
There is no cure and it is inevitably progressive, and no two people with it have the same symptoms or affects.
It seems to manifest itself as a different illness in different people, so puleese do not compare any of us!
For more information please go to the many sites available as I have to help myself.
Multiple sclerosis association of America, National Society of Multiple sclerosis and the Multiple sclerosis Foundation are just a few.
Charlatans are out there that screw with sick people and others saying they have a cure, but as of this moment in time there is NOT!

That is all...

Soapbox derby anyone?
Kidding but I do get fired up when people assume, as well we all should!

On this note of feeling a relief of stating my case, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS I will be going to the Cancer Center in the next couple of weeks once the doctor reviews my test results. Yep, you heard that right, and that is why I was scared that is how they answer the phone at the doctor's office I was to call, but the hematologist I will be seeing is also an oncologist.
I was originally going to the other doctor who is only a hematologist but they changed me to this one.
Damn waiting is the worst! But could indicate nothing seriously is wrong, I hope.
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