Doing what you love!

There is a theory that if you find something that makes you happy to do and get paid for it its like not working at all?
Although, when you retire you can find things you love to do and it doesn't matter either way if you get paid to do it?
Yes to both.
Just my unrequested opinion, as always.
As a bum, that is in Tobi-speak, myself for these last several years, doing only what you want to for no monetary gain is quite rewarding and self indulgent.
But that is only since we have a financial safety net of a state pension and social security to pay the bills.
Otherwise it would be downright oppressive!
And unfair to Hubby.
Before we do anything we pay our bills and thankfully we can.
My thoughts again go towards learning to live within ones means, which we finally did years ago after making quite a few missteps as many younger people do.
Keeping up with the Joneses is a syndrome I recall.
Many young people do that its other name is I wanna I wanna even if I can't pay for it disease!
Fortunately we never succumbed to that!
If there was a big item we either saved for it or found a monetary way to pay for it in manageable increments.
Why bother discussing this now, oh I don't know...I suppose it has to do with the word sacrifice and its true meaning. The act of giving up something to help someone else.
Hubby did that the twelve years he was a volunteer fireman and chief, he saved lives without thought.
I on the other hand also volunteered but did not save lives except my own making me feel useful and needed.
What answer is it when Frothy Orange Haired Guy said he worked?????????
Basically earned a lot of money by any means without concern for others!
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