Now I heard from the bariatric nurse again who stated that I do have an UTI and she emailed me the report and refaxed it to my internist, just the one page 6 to me!
And sure enough stuff is abnormal, yes written where they should be written NORMAL!
And so I am on another dosing of antibiotics.
I also was able to access through signing up for the portal access at the lab online for the total report eleven pages in all.
I seem to have a vitamin A toxicity, way above the norms 98 where the high norm is 82, as well as the clotting problem, which on my blood work shows too many high levels in the report from the norms. So now I can see where the necessity of seeing the hematologist/oncologist, and also it explains why I have been having my funky feelings.
But why all of a sudden such a major change?
That's the crazy part, since I do have blood work every six months due to my medications, and I had one just about the month before?

Moving on...

Then to make things worse I go to turn on the news and wouldn't you know it the Orange Frothy Haired Guy has consumed the airwaves, yep NBC,ABC, CBS and even my usually never choice FOX! He is speaking down in Ft. Myers and Good Grief the loony bin has left the door open and the inmates have escape, 15,000 of them and they all have seemed to converged on Ft. Myers, YIKES!

Any-who, Hubby is picking up my new prescription, which is the same anti-biotic I was on for my ear twice and some different dinner choices all one stop at Publix.
Would you believe I actually Googled low vitamin A meats?
Many of the fish I love is very high in it even my canned tuna, especially high, that I had had for lunch before I knew.
Low carbs are most all meats and many vegetables that are specific.
I am learning again things I thought I knew.
Meat is high in protein, which this diet is supposed to be, high protein with only 30 carbs a day.

Anyway, I am losing weight up and down mostly three pounds so far, and I have over a month left to lose the other eight.
Yep, now eleven pounds total.

On that note of trying, truly, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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